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Transformative Nursing Education Certificate

Graduate courses in education are integral to preparing future nursing leaders who aspire to be classroom or clinical teachers. The aim of this program is to produce educators who enrich learning experiences for nursing students in academic environments, or for those nurses working in healthcare practice settings.

Our program

Designed for nurses interested in teaching in either the academic setting or the care delivery environment, this program combines adult learning theories with an appreciation for nursing curriculum, scope of practice, adult learning theories and innovative teaching strategies, including simulation, interprofessional education and online learning. This program is geared towards master’s, post graduate or doctoral students who have a strong interest in teaching.


Offered in an online learning environment, graduate nursing students must complete three courses to obtain the Transformative Nursing Education Certificate. Alternatively, students interested in teaching in the following areas only need to complete two of the curriculum courses related to their area of focus. Click here to learn more about the curriculum.

  • Academic Teaching (classroom and clinical settings)
  • Teaching in the Service Environment (hospitals and ambulatory care)


Those who complete our Transformative Nursing Education Minor or Certificate Program meet the educational requirements for both the NLN Nurse Educator certification exam, and the ANCC Nursing Professional Development Certification Exam. However, both exams require the candidate to obtain work experience in either the academic or service environment before they are eligible to take the respective certification exam.