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Balance is key. We understand that student wellness is a critical component to thriving at Penn. Our goal is to keep our community members healthy on every level, providing many resources to empower students to achieve a healthy state of balance.

Committing to wellness is a lifelong pursuit; it starts with learning the tools that help you be successful - emotionally, physically, educationally, socially, financially, and professionally! One of the key components to being successful is creating connections and developing a support system to move you forward.

Nursing Wellness Program 

The Nursing Wellness Program is a student-centered wellness program supported by the School of Nursing that aims to keep our students healthy on every level by engaging them in opportunities that foster well-being across the eight dimensions of wellness: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.

Passionate about wellness? Get involved!

Each academic year the Nursing Wellness program invites students across all Nursing academic levels to sit on the Nursing Wellness Advisory Board. Students on the board engage in dialogue about the needs of the Penn Nursing community to inform intentional programming developed by the Nursing Wellness program.

Additionally, a student from each academic level is elected to serve as a Wellness Ambassador for their academic level. Wellness Ambassadors are the primary leader and representatives for their respective programs, BSN, ABSN, MSN, DNP, and PHD in matters surrounding student wellness.


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