Degree Requirements

  1. PhD in Nursing Curriculum

  2. Plan of Study Procedure

  3. Program Time Limits

  4. Annual Reporting of Student Progress

  5. Dual Degree Programs

PhD in Nursing Curriculum


The PhD program in Nursing consists of 14 course units (CUs).* Core courses, a statistics sequence, concentration courses, and non-credit requirements are required by the Graduate Group in Nursing for the PhD in Nursing degree. Descriptions of requirements are listed below.

The length of time that most students take to complete coursework is from three to four years of full-time study.

Sample Plans of Study

* For program requirements and plans of study for PhD and MS-PhD students who entered the program in Fall 2010 or earlier, please request a copy of an archived handbook from the Office of Student Services.

Plan of Study Procedure

In the spring semester of the first year, students must meet with their academic advisor(s) to select coursework for the plan of study. 

The student, with assistance from the academic advisor(s), should develop a plan of study that provides sufficient breadth and depth of the methods, theoretical perspective, and content needed to complete the dissertation study. 

The plan of study should include the 14 course units. It should include the semester that each course will be taken.  Students must complete the PhD Plan of Study Form in conjunction with the academic advisor(s) and submit to the Director of Advising and Student Affairs. The Graduate Group in Nursing Chair will review for final approval.

Program Time Limits

The total amount of time permitted for completion of coursework, examinations, residencies, and dissertation is seven (7) years from the date of matriculation for students in the PhD in Nursing and the MS/PhD in Nursing programs. 

A request for an extension to the time limit must be put in writing and addressed to the Graduate Group in Nursing Chair for consideration.

Annual Reporting of Student Progress

All students must complete and submit to the Director of Advising and Student Affairs an Annual Progress Report  by May 1st of each year. The report will include progress in completing program requirements during the past 12 months and a timeline for the completion of the remaining program requirements.  This report must be reviewed and signed by the student’s advisor or dissertation chair. The report is reviewed by Graduate Group in Nursing Chair.

In addition, it is a University requirement that students who have constituted their dissertation committee must meet with their entire committee as a group at least once each year. Nursing PhD students will report the details of this meeting on the Annual Progress Report form that is due on May 1st of each year.

Dual Degree Programs

Students in the MSN/PhD, MBE/PhD, or other programs must fulfill the requirements of their selected master’s program in addition to the PhD requirements.