Role of Academic Advisor

Academic advisors are members of the Graduate Group in Nursing and members of the Standing Faculty.

Upon acceptance to the PhD Program each student is assigned two co-advisors. The advisor(s) help the student to become acquainted with faculty and other staff, gain familiarity with University community and professional resources, and guide the student in selection of courses and scholarly opportunities.

The academic advisor(s) may or may not be the Chair of the Qualifying or General Examination and may or may not eventually Chair the dissertation. If the advisor leaves the Standing Faculty of the School of Nursing through retirement or change of position, another advisor from the Standing Faculty must be appointed. 

Advisor sign-off

All doctoral students, including those on dissertation status, will be placed on registration hold prior to each semester. In order to register for courses, students must get electronic advisor sign-off each Fall and Spring semester. This ensures regular communication between the advisor/chair and student, and enables the advisor(s) to help guide the student with course selection.

Change of Academic Advisor

Students may change an advisor or Dissertation Chair at any time. If the student changes academic advisor(s) or Dissertation Chair, the student must notify the original advisor(s), Graduate Group in Nursing Chair, and the Director of Advising and Student Affairs in writing of the change.  

To ease the transition, it is useful to schedule a meeting with the former advisor or chair and the new advisor or chair and the student to discuss future plans. Counseling about advisor changes is available with the Graduate Group in Nursing Chair or the Office of Student Services.