Academic Calendar and School of Nursing Calendars 

The Three Year Academic Calendar is available online at:

*The deadline schedule for five- and seven-week courses differs from the University’s schedule. Please consult your class syllabi for information on ADD and DROP deadlines for your particular classes. It is your responsibility to know deadlines and registration rules for your classes. You may also check the Special Sessions Calendar posted on the Registration page.

Summer Class Schedules

The School of Nursing summer classes begin the day after commencement; refer to the summer academic calendar for details.

Please consult the University’s Three Year Academic Calendar for the summer schedule for non-nursing courses.

Course Registration Procedures 

Students have online access to registration materials before the start of the Course Selection period.  New or transfer students may register during the designated registration period that is held before the start of classes.  All other undergraduate students MUST meet with their faculty advisor prior to registering for courses each semester.  Advisors generally post office hours and contact information for the week preceding and during the two-week Course Selection period.  Students will not be released from registration hold and permitted to register for courses until they have met with their faculty advisor. 

Students who are interested in registering for summer courses can do so during the spring Course Selection period, which opens at the same time as registration for fall courses.  Unlike fall and spring registration, summer registration is strictly on a first‑come, first-served basis. 

Nursing Email Account

All students at the School of Nursing must open and maintain a Nursing email account and list it as the primary email in the Penn Directory by the last day to add a course each semester, including summer sessions.  Students who do not comply by the deadline will be put on registration hold and will be unable to make registration changes in Path@Penn.   

Please visit the link below to set up your Nursing Account:

Please visit the link below to make your Nursing email the primary email in the Penn Directory: 

Scheduling Classes and Clinical Courses

As of fall 2021, most rostered class times reflect instructional meeting time with pass time between classes factored in.  However, clinical and lab courses do not meet on the same university patterns and students may need to schedule additional transit time to clinical sites.  Clinical course times do not include transit time.  Students are expected to spend the entire scheduled time in the clinical setting.  Please note that travel time may vary depending upon the clinical site, and some sites may require travel by car or public transportation.

The Course Search and Schedule Planning tool is a resource to help you review and search through courses being offered for the upcoming term.  As you locate interesting courses, you have the option to save them to a list and then preview them in sample weekly “mock” schedule.  WARNING: This system will NOT submit registration requests for your courses. You must still enter your course requests using Path@Penn during the registration period.  

Using Path@Penn

All Penn students must register for courses through Penn’s online registration system, Path@Penn, which can be accessed via the PennPortal using your PennKey/Password log-in.  

Under “Academic Planning & Registration”, students can click on the “Search & Register for Classes” link. After the Advance Registration period closes, students can use Path@Penn to confirm their schedule. 

Technical questions related to registration should be directed to the School of Nursing, Office of Student Information, Suite M-24, CMFH, 215-898-4544, More information about Path@Penn can be found on the Registration webpage.

Advising questions should be directed to the School of Nursing, Office of Academic Affairs, Suite M-18, CMFH, 215-898-6687 or

Course Selection 

Students can use Path@Penn to add, drop, or change a course or section. Students may add a class until the end of the second full week of the semester - check the university 3-year academic calendar for exact dates. (Language classes under the 200 level, writing seminars, and clinical courses may be added only until the end of the first full week of classes.) The Course Selection period allows students to visit classes before finalizing their schedules, but students are expected to attend all class sessions in any course they may wish to add in order to keep up with assignments and material. Even during the Course Selection period, instructors may restrict admission to students who have been attending regularly.

Most courses may be dropped through the fifth week of the semester. Clinical courses must be dropped or added within the first week of the semester. Section changes and changes from normal grading to pass/fail (or vice versa) may be made through the fifth week of the semester.

Dropped courses are not reflected on the student transcript. Students wishing to leave a course after the end of the course selection and drop period will need to withdraw from the course, resulting in a “W” on their transcript.

Please note that should a student fail to attend classes in a course for which they are registered, they will not be automatically dropped from the course. Students who fail to drop a course they are not taking, but are still registered for, within the five-week course selection period may receive an F in that course.

Grade Reports and Transcripts 

At the end of each semester, students may access Path@Penn for a listing of final grades.  Through Path@Penn, students can request to receive their grade report by mail from the Office of the Registrar. Transcripts are maintained by the Office of the Registrar, not by the School of Nursing. Students can request transcripts through the Office of the Registrar.  

Students may also order transcripts online via Path@Penn.

Billing, outstanding balances and registration 

All undergraduate students are billed by the Office of Student Financial Services as full‑time continuing students.  This means that undergraduate student tuition bills are not based on course registration.  Part‑time students who have been billed as full‑time students must request an adjustment to be made to their bill.  All adjustment requests must be made to the Assistant Dean of Admissions and Academic Affairs, 215-898-6687.

Students who have unpaid financial balances at the time of Advance Registration will not be permitted to register.  These students will have to pay their balance in full before registering at the beginning of the semester.

Students who are having financial difficulties or questions should contact Financial Aid at 215-898-8191.

Tuition Refunds

For part-time students and students taking a Leave of Absence, full refund of tuition and fees is automatic only during the first two full weeks of the term (up to the deadline for course selection posted on the academic calendar).  Fifty percent of tuition and fees is refunded for courses dropped during weeks three and four and must be requested through the Assistant Dean of Admissions and Academic Affairs.  No refunds are given after week four. 

Please note: This policy pertains only to courses taken during the fall and spring semesters.  Summer courses operate on a different refund schedule, posted on the summer academic calendar.

Questions concerning tuition refunds should be addressed to the Assistant Dean of Admissions and Academic Affairs at 215-898-6687.