Immunization/CPR/Background Check Policies

All Students at Penn Nursing must meet the requirements of the compliance policy. These requirements include immunizations as well as CPR certification, drug screen and background checks, as well as any other site specific requirements. Records are to be submitted to and held by our compliance vendor, American DataBank.  Please Note: Requirements are subject to change due to the demands of our clinical agencies.

Comprehensive information and timelines regarding compliance can be found at:   

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Students who do not submit complete records of their background checks, drug screen, certifications and immunization records by their deadline will be charged a Non-Compliance fine per the fee schedule below, kept out of clinical and may be placed on registration hold and dropped from clinical courses until they become fully compliant. Students who are kept out of clinical due to non-compliance are charged a clinical make-up fee for each clinical day missed. (That fee schedule can be found in Class Attendance and Absences.) Additionally, non-compliant students may be subject to other penalties outlined by the course faculty.


Freshman              $150

Sophomore           $200

Junior                     $250

Senior                     $300

Please note: It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of her/his immunizations, to update immunizations, CPR and other certifications, record checks, and licensure as necessary, and to submit documentation before any deadlines. Students will be notified one time per year via email about their compliance renewal, so it is imperative that students check their email on a regular basis, including over the summer. Students who do not have access to email over the summer should email Subsequent reminders will not be provided.

Immunization Requirements and Clearances

In order to participate in all clinical experiences (including observations), students must have completed the following immunizations listed on our compliance website:


  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella
  • Hepatitis B
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
  • Tetaunus-Diphtheria-Pertussis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Flu Vaccine
  • COVID 19


Students must complete yearly background checks via the American DataBank system, including a FBI background Check (with fingerprinting), Pennsylvania Childline (Child Abuse) clearance, Nationwide Sex Offender Search, Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check, Office of the Inspector General clearance (insurance fraud), and a 10 panel drug screen. Students are responsible for submitting the results of their child abuse clearance and FBI background check.

Required Training and CPR Certification

In order to participate in all clinical experiences (including observations), students must have completed the immunizations listed on our compliance website: Knowledge LInk Training and CPR Certification

Knowledge Link

All students are required to complete the School of Nursing - Pre Clinical Compliance Curriculum. This includes HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens and Safety training as well as an orientation to the Fuld Pavilion (simulation lab). These modules must be completed by the deadline or you will be considered non-compliant.


All students must be certified in CPR in order to enter the clinical setting. Students must be certified in ONE of the following classifications of CPR:

  • CPR for the Health Care Provider (BLS), American Heart Association OR
  • CPR for the Professional Rescuer, American Red Cross OR
  • BLS CPR, (the only online certification we accept)

CPR certification must be updated in the summer prior to the school year when it will expire. To find a course that is offered in your area, refer to the web pages of the American Heart Association ( or the American Red Cross ( It is the students’ responsibility to find an acceptable course.

Substance Abuse/Drug Testing

Recognizing that substance abuse is both a disease and a professional hazard, the School of Nursing has incorporated substance abuse topical content areas into its curriculum. The School of Nursing has likewise established a substance abuse and drug testing policy. 

Please review the policy available online here.

Physical Evaluation - School of Nursing

All students must submit documentation of a recent physical signed by your provider or SHS. Please note that all full time students can receive this evaluation at SHS at no additional charge as it is covered under the university compliance fee. If you are getting this done at SHS, let them know you are a nursing student as they have a form on file.

Physical Evaluation - University of Pennsylvania

A health examination is required for all students entering the University of Pennsylvania.  This includes a medical history, screening tests, and an immunization record, including the required immunizations as listed in this handbook and as outlined by Student Health Service.  In addition, students in the School of Nursing are required to have an additional health examination between the sophomore and junior years to meet the State Board of Nursing requirement for a periodic health examination.

Additional Requirements

Individual sites may have additional requirements (including but not limited to HIPAA education, resumes, or other in-service trainings or paperwork). You will be contacted by your course faculty, clinical instructor or Compliance Office if you are required to complete anything prior to beginning clinical.

American DataBank and Submitting Documentation

In order to maintain updated records and to ensure everyone is eligible to enter the clinical setting, all students must submit official documentation to American DataBank as per the timeline and instructions that will be distributed to students via email and web posting. Students who submit documentation to any other source (e.g. clinical instructor, course coordinator) will still be considered non-compliant until American DataBank has the necessary documentation. All compliance materials must be submitted through the American DataBank system. Students must supply their own copy and keep the original documentation for their records. The Office of Student Information will NOT copy immunizations or CPR cards or re-furnish immunization or clearance documentation to students for their own records, American DataBank, or for third parties (e.g. employers). This documentation is collected for the sole purpose of monitoring immunization compliance. Students should contact their healthcare providers or Student Health Services to obtain this documentation.

*Please note that this policy is subject to change as clinical sites and agencies modify their requirements.

  • Make sure your immunization documentation is “official” (e.g. signed by your health care provider).
  • Keep copies of all of your immunization records and clearances in your files.
  • Pay attention to the American DataBank timeline you receive. The dates may vary based on your clinical placement; do not assume you can utilize another students’ timeline.

To streamline our compliance program, we have arranged to process immunizations, background checks and drug screenings through a third party, American DataBank. They utilize a web-based software called Complio where you will submit your documentation. This allows us to meet the increasing requirements of the clinical agencies while maintaining the highest level of customer service.

Questions? Please contact the Office of Student Information via email at or you can stop in to suite M-24 during walk-in hours on most Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12-3.