Transfer Credit




The transfer credit request and approval process must be completed post-admission but before the start of classes. On average, the transfer credit review process can take four weeks or longer from the time of submission, depending on faculty availability for review. Undergraduate students who are seeking summer credit away must have their requests reviewed and approved prior to enrollment in the summer course(s).


  • Log in to Penn’s External Course Approval Tool (XCAT) and submit a course syllabus and other supporting materials from the external institution.
  • Select the appropriate subject area for review of the course.
    • BSN students: for sector and free elective courses, choose the subject area or department that most closely matches the subject of the course taken.
    • ABSN, MSN and DNP students: choose Nursing as the subject area.
  • Once the department reviewer has submitted a decision (approved or not approved), this will be noted in XCAT. Students are responsible for monitoring XCAT for this information, as the system does not send notifications once decisions are rendered.
  • Ensure an official transcript has been sent to the School of Nursing Office of Student Services verifying completion of the course work and achievement of the minimum grade requirement or higher.
    • Via email (preferred) to:
    • Via mail to: 418 Curie Boulevard, Suite M-18
      Philadelphia, PA 19104-4217

The School of Nursing cannot post credit away until the official transcript is received and XCAT approval has been granted. If approved, the School of Nursing Registrar will post the credit to the student’s transcript. The grade earned in a course approved for transfer credit will not appear on the Penn transcript and will not be factored into the Penn GPA.

No fee is charged for the transfer of credit.



For questions about the posting of an approved transfer credit, please contact

For questions about how transfer credit will affect your plan of study, please contact your Program Director (in the case of MSN students) or

Mail final transcripts to:

Office of Student Information
Claire M. Fagin Hall, Suite M-24
418 Curie Boulevard
Philadelphia PA 19104-4217