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Course Selection Tools

The Course Timetable  lists courses that will be offered during the upcoming semester. The same listing of courses can be found through the Course Search function in Path@Penn.

The Course Catalog is a listing of all courses offered by the University. Please note that these are not specific to any given semester.

Path@Penn help
The university Registrar’s website provides an overview of Path@Penn features as well as guides for Course Search, Advance Registration and Course Selection functions.

Sector Courses

All undergraduates in the School of Nursing are required to enroll in sector, or general education, courses.  The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee believes that the liberal arts are essential to the education of the Penn nurse.  Students at the School of Nursing are required to complete a total of five sector courses, which are outlined in their plan of study.  A description of each area of study surrounding each sector requirement is listed below.  

BSN Sector Course Selection

Arts and Letters: Provides breadth in an area of the arts – applied or theoretical – or in the humanities. Literature from linguistic traditions other than English should be in translation, as literature in the original suits the Global and Cultural Studies.

Society and Social Structures: Provides breadth in an area of sociology, social psychology, social structures, and studies of material including but not limited to individuals in groups, group behavior, organizations, systems, and institutions using contemporary sources.

Histories and Traditions: Provides breadth in an area of history, comparative history and historical methods and historical traditions in cultures and societies using historical sources.

Global and Cultural Studies: Provides breadth in an area of culture, cultural studies and interpretation including but not limited to current cultural traditions, folklore, literature in the original language and text that is not English, and any comparisons of literature and other cultural documents using contemporary sources.

Reasoning, Systems, and Relationships: Provides breadth in an area of study that addresses logical, mathematical, and quantifiable relationships among any entities including ideas, people, groups, systems, and other social or technological structures. Specialized research approaches including field work, advanced statistics, and other methods further fulfill this aim.

You can download a spreadsheet containing a list of courses that fulfill each sector requirement. If you are interested in taking a course that is not currently listed as fulfilling a sector, you are able to petition the course. Petitions must include the course syllabus and a two paragraph petition of why the course meets the objectives listed on the sector description document. Submit a course Petition here .

Penn Course Review and PennCourseNotify are excellent tools to assist in course selection. Penn Course Review offers student reviews of particular courses, which can provide insight into a particular course or instructor, and can also indicate whether or not a particular course or section may be in high demand. PennCourseNotify is a service that emails students when a closed course opens up during the Course Selection period.