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Accelerated BSN/BSN-MSN Students

The School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania welcomes the newest members of the Penn Nursing community!  

Important Dates and Timelines

 Orientation is June 10-12, 2019

 Summer Classes begin June 13, 2019

 Fall Classes begin August 19, 2019

Admitted Students

Resources for Admitted Students

Incoming Student Checklist

Obtain a PennKey and Password

A PennKey and password are required to access many of the University’s resources, including establishing your Nursing email. You should receive a PennKey set-up code in the mail or email within 5 to 7 business days after you submit your enrollment deposit. If you do not receive your set-up code in this timeframe, please visit the PennKey website and click on the “student” tab.

Note: If you have a PennKey from a previous Penn affiliation (i.e. Knowledge Link at UPHS), you do not need to create a new PennKey.

Open a Penn Nursing Email Account
All students are required to open a Penn Nursing email account. Please do so immediately, and plan to access it daily. Account setup can be found online here . You will note in the instructions that you can set up your e-mail to be read from your home computer. You can also visit the ITS website for more information about the technology resources available to students at the School of Nursing.
Applying for Financial Aid

If all of your financial aid forms were submitted, a preliminary financial aid package will be available in a few weeks. If you have not submitted any financial aid documents and are interested in applying, please have the required forms and information submitted as soon as possible, to ensure a financial aid package prior to the deposit deadline.

Click here to learn more on applying for financial aid.
Click here for more information on our program costs.
To learn more about outside funding opportunities, click here .

Order your Uniform

Students will receive an email from the Associate Director of Undergraduate Affairs with instructions on how to order your uniform.  Students are expected to have a full uniform by the time classes begin in June.

Enroll in or waive summer health insurance
Students can either enroll in Student Health Insurance or waive out of the insurance.  Learn more about your options here .
Learn About Clinical Compliance
Students are expected to be clinically compliant by the time they begin the program. More information will be sent from our Office of Compliance.  You can also view the requirements on the clinical compliance website .
Create your Academic Planning Worksheet
Each BSN student is expected to create and maintain an Academic Planning Worksheet in Penn InTouch , using their plan of study from admission. The worksheet is used to plan and track degree progress, and will be viewable by both the student and their advisor(s). If you have questions regarding your worksheet, please stop in to see an advisor during orientation or once you are on campus in the summer.
Register for Courses
Registration for summer courses will take place on TBD.  Information and instructions regarding fall and summer registration come from our Registrar. 

Course and Clinical Information

Summer 2019 Course Information

Accelerated BSN Sample Plan of Study

Clinical Sites Guides

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) (coming soon)

Hospital of University of Pennsylvania (HUP)

Clinical Course Absences
Important Note on Course Absences: 
Absence from clinical or laboratory sessions will be handled as per course syllabus and page 48-49 of the BSN Student Handbook.  In the event a student has a planned absence for a significant personal event, he/she must inform the Office of Student Services (OSS) by May 11, 2019 .  The OSS will notify Course Directors and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Students should expect that in a fast-paced accelerated program such as Penn’s, it may not be possible to attend all aspects of the event, especially if it is out of town.  However, if a student follows the procedure outlined above, every effort will be made to accommodate the student.  As per page 48 of the Student Handbook, however, absences, even those that are excused, will result in a make-up fee for laboratory or clinical.