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The process of Licensure needs to be started prior to arrive

Nursing License

All graduate students in clinical are required to obtain RN licensure in NJ and DE in addition to PA. This is to ensure that the full breadth of clinical education options are available to you. Copies of your PA, DE and NJ licenses will need to be uploaded to Complio. Screenshots from the states’ verification websites will suffice. The process of licensure information is not in Complio. The submission of your license to complio it apart of compliance. If you are having issues obtaining one of your licenses, please contact your program faculty. Please see below for links to state websites.


New Jersey Board of Nursing

New Jersey State Board


Delaware Board of Nursing      please note: Contact your program director to ensure DE licensure is REQUIRED 

Delaware State Board


PA Board of Nurse Examiners

PA State Board of Nursing

Students in the Nurse Anesthesia program will also need to acquire a Maryland license, Please contact your program director to ensure this licensure is required


Maryland State Board of Nursing