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Information for Graduating Students

BSN Students Applying for RN License

All graduating BSN students should follow the steps outlined below in order to receive their RN License.  Additional steps may be necessary depending on the state of licensure.

Complete the Graduation Survey
The Office of Student Information will send out a graduation survey to all prospective BSN graduates several weeks before the end of the semester.  All prospective graduates need to complete the survey indicating in which state they plan to apply for initial licensure. The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing will submit information to the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing for those students who indicate PA as their licensure state, which will prompt an Authorization to Test (ATT).  Students who apply to other states must submit the requisite verification forms to with the request for completion in order to receive the ATT.
Submit Application to State Board

Please visit the NCSBN website: to view your states application requirements. Application for Pennsylvania: 

Apply at the end of your final semester; there is no advantage for applying earlier. We recommend applying after December 1st for fall grads, and after May 1st for spring grads.

Helpful Hints

  • You must choose ONE state to apply to for your initial license

  • Different states have different requirements for their application such as fingerprints, official transcripts, Dean’s signature, etc.

  • If you are applying to a state that has additional paperwork that must be signed by a School of Nursing official, send documents (with your information already completed) to starting approximately 2 weeks before graduation. 
  • If your state requires a transcript, order the transcript from the University Registrar’s Office.  When ordering a transcript, wait until your degree has posted (you can check your unofficial transcript in PIT to confirm) or select the HOLD UNTIL DEGREE IS POSTED option to ensure the transcript is final. The School of Nursing cannot send the transcript on your behalf; you must personally order the transcript from the University Registrar’s Office.
  • Save all correspondence until you receive your license

Register for the NCLEX with Pearson VUE

Create a profile through Pearson VUE and prepay the NCLEX exam fee.  You will immediately receive an email confirmation. The current NCLEX registration fee is $200.

Helpful Hints

  • Permission for special accommodations must be requested and received from your Nursing Regulatory Body (NRB) before you schedule your exam appointment

  • Enter your name on the NCLEX application EXACTLY as it is printed on the picture identification you will present at the testing center

  • Our NCSBN code is US25505900
  • Acceptable Identification

    • Valid U.S. drivers license
    • Valid U.S. State identification (Dept. of Motor-Vehicle issued)
    • Valid Passport
    • U.S. Military Identification

    Please review the NCLEX Examination Bulletin and follow all directions exactly as stated. You risk being denied admission to take the test if you do not follow the directions.

  • Save all correspondence until you receive your license

 Degree Verification is sent to State

 After all grades are submitted, your degree will be posted, and the Office of Student Information will forward the necessary degree verification information to your selected state.

  • It is your responsibility to make sure that any state specific paperwork has been submitted to the Office of Student Information in a timely manner. Delays in submission of paperwork to OSI will result in a delay receiving your ATT.

Receive Authorization to Test (ATT) from Pearson VUE via email

When you receive your Authorization to Test (ATT) you may then schedule your NCLEX test date. Expect to wait several weeks after graduating to receive your ATT. 

Schedule your NCLEX exam

Since testing slots fill quickly, schedule a date to take the NCLEX immediately upon receiving your ATT even if you do not want to take the exam immediately. You may take the examination at ANY Pearson Professional Center.

To find a location go              

Pass the NCLEX and Receive Your License

Once you sit for your NCLEX exam, you can check to see if you passed by searching the NCSBN website for your name:

Successful candidates usually see their license post within 2 business days of passing the NCLEX. You will receive an official license in the mail several weeks after passing

Additional State Specific Information

  • Pennsylvania - all applicants are required to complete training in Child Abuse Reporting.

  • California Specific Steps
    • Bring the California form (with the transcript request form) to the University’s Office of the Registrar.
    • Ask the Registrar to return the form and transcript to the Office of Student Information at the School of Nursing, Fagin Hall Room M-18

    • Bring unopened official transcripts from all other schools attended to M-18

    • It is important to bring all items together as a packet***
    • Once we receive your Penn transcript, we will send all transcripts, the form, and a required letter to California as one complete package

    • Expect delays of up to 4 months from the CA Board

    • Student can go to the CA Board website to check on processing times at
  • Tennessee - all applicants will need to obtain a passport picture to include with their packet. They will also need to sign the back of the photo.
  • Students without United States citizenship should contact the Office of Student Information directly at for additional assistance.

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