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As a part of the compliance process all students must submit proof of the following immunizations and physical exam. Flu shot, TB test, and physical must be completed and submitted every year.  Certain programs or clinical sites may have additional requirements that students may need to complete and submit.


MMR (Measles - Mumps - Rubella)
  • 2 MMR vaccinations OR
  • titers for all three confirming immunity OR
  • some combination of 2 Measles, 1 Mumps, and 1 Rubella vaccination (e.g. 1 MMR and 1 Measles shot fulfill the requirement)

*Students born before 1956 may only require 1 MMR and should obtain confirmation from Student Health.

Hepatitis B
  • Completed Hepatitis B Vaccination Series (3 shots) AND positive Hepatitis B Titer

*If your Hep B Titer is negative, you will need to talk to your healthcare provider (HCP) about next steps. The CDC recommends one booster Hep B vaccination and a re-titer. A negative titer will not affect your ability to attend clinical, so long as you are working with your HCP.

Varicella (Chicken Pox)
  • 2 Varicella vaccinations 4-8 weeks apart OR
  • titer confirming incidence of the disease

*Simply having had the disease is not enough, you must also receive a titer and that titer must be positive for immunity.

Tdap (Tetanus - Diptheria - Pertussis)
  • TDaP within the past ten years OR
  • TD booster within the past ten years AND TDaP more than 10 years old
  • New Penn Students:
    • Two PPD injections and readings within 12 months of each other OR
    • an IGRA blood test (eg Quantiferon)

*To meet University pre-matriculation requirements, at least 1 PPD skin test of the above 2-step must be performed by Student Health (only if you are doing PPDs and not an IGRA).

  • Returning Penn Students:
    • Single step PPD OR
    • IGRA blood test

*Both can be completed at the provider of your choice.

  • If you have a history of a positive reading on the PPD test, you must submit documentation indicating that you have had a positive test for TB infection followed by a negative chest x-ray. This overrides all other TB requirements, provided you complete symptom checks yearly.
Physical Exam
  • All students must submit documentation (Physical Evaluation Form) of a recent physical signed by your provider or SHS. The documentation must include the language that you are “free of communicable disease.”

*Please note that all full time students can receive this evaluation at SHS at no additional charge as it is covered under the university compliance fee. If you are getting this done at SHS, let them know you are a nursing student as they have a form on file.

Influenza (Flu Shot)
  • Due by November 1 (must be completed after seasonal vaccines are available)