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As a part of the compliance process all students must submit proof of the following immunizations and physical exam. Flu shot, TB test, and physical must be completed and submitted every year.  Certain programs or clinical sites may have additional requirements that students may need to complete and submit.

 SON Compliance and Physical Exam Forms

 Getting Started Compliance Forms
  • Per HIPAA regulations, we cannot share your information with Student Health Services. Therefore, students must submit both immunization and physical exam forms to the University Student Health Services and the School of Nursing: SON Immunization Form
  • Physical exam- Full-time and or returning students can receive this evaluation at SHS with a scheduled appointment (no additional charge, covered under the University Clinical Fee).
    • View and complete the physical exam form here.
    • The physical exam form must include must include the language that you are “free of communicable disease.”
  • You will need to submit the immunization and physical exam forms to both Complio and SHS.
Influenza (Flu Shot) and Yearly Immunization 
  • Seasonal Flu Vaccine -Student health services offers a flu clinic every year in October. The deadline of flu vaccine submission for School of Nursing students is November 1st of each year. Students can also receive Flu vaccine from doctor offices or local pharmacy however submission of documentation must have the vaccine lot #. Influenza Form
  • Please note: School of Nursing does not accept Flu exemption 
  • Tuberculosis (PPD) or (IGRA Blood Test)- Annual PPD Form
  • Signs and Symptoms - PPD Symptom Checker Form
  • Physical-Student Physical Form
 American Databank (Complio)

 To create a Complio profile we highly recommend you watch the video tutorial prior to creating your profile . Once your profile is complio please give the school of nursing 48 hour review and approve your order. Once your order is approve you will began to receive various emails from Complio please ensure you create your account using your school of nursing email address. Once your profile becomes approve you can began to upload your documentations. Please give Complio 48 hours to approve or reject your submission. If a submission is rejected please review the comments file in the category from Complio for the reason. If you have further question please do not hesitate to call Complio 303.573.1130.

Please note: Complio call center is located in Denver they are on (MST) Mon-Fri 8am-5pm