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As a part of the compliance process all students must complete and submit the following clearances every year. Certain programs or clinical sites may have additional clearances that students may need to complete.

Criminal Check
Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check, Nationwide Sex Offender Search, Office of the Inspector General clearance.

These clearances are run automatically by Complio when you complete your package order. The accompanying results will be uploaded for you by Complio and will read simply as ‘Criminal Check Completion’.

Child Abuse Check
Pennsylvania Child Abuse clearance

Electronic Submission: The Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Application can now be submitted online . Creating an account and submitting your clearance application online will give you immediate access to your results or the status of your results if your results cannot be processed immediately.

Once you enter the Child Welfare Portal, you must create an account or log in if you already have an account. Note: you will need a valid email address to create an account. Once the results are received, you must submit a copy of this result to Complio for processing.

Here are step by step instructions for obtaining your Child Abuse Clearance online.

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare will send the results to you via US Mail within 3-4 Weeks. Submit a copy of this result to American DataBank for processing.

FBI Fingerprint Check

Students will be doing electronic fingerprinting. You will receive a registration code and instructions for electronic fingerpringing via e-mail from Complio 48-72 hours after placing your package order. You will need the Registration ID to conduct your electronic FBI Fingerprinting at an Electronic Fingerprint Services Location (EFSL). Please have this with you at the time of your appointment. 

Your results will be sent to you by mail from the PA Department of Public Welfare, . It may take around 3 - 4 weeks to receive them. If the applicant does not receive their results from Department of Human Services within this time frame, they should call (877) 371 5422 Option #4 and #1.

Once results are received, you must submit a copy of this result to Complio for processing.

Drug Screening

 10 Panel Drug Screen Check

When you receive your packet from Complio, it will include a Chain of Custody (drug screen) form. Make an appointment for your drug screen at your designated Quest Labs location. This will be listed on your mailing. The results of the drug screen will be sent directly from Quest Labs to Complio for processing. If for some reason you do not receive your Chain of Custody form in the mail or via email call Complio.