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Clinical Compliance

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Welcome to the School of Nursing Clinical Compliance Website. Here nursing students will find information regarding immunizations, background checks, certifications, forms, and training to complete their compliance requirements.

 A big part of a student’s nursing education will be their clinical experiences. Clinical Rotation is one of the most immersive experiences a nursing student could have in nursing school. This invaluable opportunity gives students a chance to volunteer in the medical field and allows students to experience the real life of a medical professional first-hand. To get students prepared for this immersive experience, Penn Nursing has prepared a checklist of required items needed for students to practice at hospitals and nursing facilities. A clinical package consists of these required items:

  • A Physical Examination
  • Background screenings (State Criminal Background Check, FBI Background Check, Child abuse Clearance, Drug Screening)
  • Licensure
  • Completion of training modules
  • Completion of immunizations

Some of these steps, such as the Hepatitis B vaccine series and licensure can take up to several months. Each program has specific clinical compliance requirements as well as deadlines. 

Please Note: Students should begin the process of these particular items prior to starting the program.

Penn Nursing partners with a company called American DataBank (Complio) to manage and provide security for compliance documentation.

Students are responsible for keeping track of their compliance records and ensuring all information is up to date and correct. Updated documents must be submitted in a timely fashion before they expire. Failure to do well results in receiving the below Non-Compliance penalty fee, and also may result in being dropped from coursework and assessed a fine.

 Students can review the right side navigation links to review in more detail of the compliance process. If you require additional information of the process, please reach out to When contacting compliance indicate what program your are requesting information in the subject file.  

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Students who do not complete and submit the background checks, drug screen, certifications and immunization record by their designated date will be placed on registration hold until compliant and dropped from clinical courses. Students who become compliant prior to the beginning of classes will be released from registration hold, allowed to re-register for clinical on a space-available basis, and will be assessed a late fee per the fee schedule below. Other penalties may be outlined by the course faculty.

Late Compliance Fee Schedule:

Freshman $150
Sophomore $200
Junior $250
Senior $300
MSN $300