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Clinical Compliance

A big part of your nursing education will be your clinical experiences and our agreements with the facilities where you will be doing your clinicals require records of your immunizations and clearances in order to enter the clinical setting and have contact with patients. 

All students at Penn Nursing need to meet the requirements of the compliance policy in order to continue to continue clinical coursework. Failure to do so may result in being dropped from coursework and the assessment of a fine. 

Due to the demands of our clinical agencies, requirements are subject to change.

Records are submitted and held by our compliance vendor, American DataBank, via their web interface, Complio.

Please wait until you receive instructions from before you begin working on compliance as the facilities where our students complete clinical require that your TB screen, physical and clearances be within 12 months of the start of your rotation and that we send them this data weeks prior to your start. For an overview of the compliance schedule please review our 2018 Compliance Calendar.

If you have questions about compliance please submit this form for assistance.

Submitting Documentation

In order to maintain updated records and to ensure everyone is eligible to enter the clinical setting, all students must do two things:

  1. Submit official documentation to Complio as per the timeline and instructions that will be distributed to students via email and web posting.
  2. Manually input the dates they received all immunizations and certifications to Complio.
**Students who submit documentation to any other source (e.g. clinical instructor, course coordinator, Student Health Services) will still be considered non-compliant until American DataBank has the necessary documentation.
It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of their records, to update immunizations, CPR and other certifications, background checks, and licensure as necessary, and to submit documentation in a timely manner.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Students who do not complete and submit the background checks, drug screen, certifications and immunization record by their designated date will be placed on registration hold until compliant and dropped from clinical courses. Students who become compliant prior to the beginning of classes will be released from registration hold, allowed to re-register for clinical on a space-available basis, and will be assessed a late fee per the fee schedule below. Other penalties may be outlined by the course faculty.

Late Compliance Fee Schedule:

Freshman $150
Sophomore $200
Junior $250
Senior $300
MSN $300