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Apply for a Research Grant

The purpose of Xi research grants is to encourage qualified nurses to contribute to the advancement of nursing through research.

Proposals are typically due in March. More information for 2020 to come!

Applicant Criteria/Fund Allocation

  • Masters prepared registered nurse or enrolled in graduate study, with a current RN license.
  • Must be an active Xi chapter member.
  • A committee of Xi board members, who presents to the full board for approval, blindly reviews applications.
  • The funds requested, the number of grants awarded, and the amount of funds available determine each grant allocation. There is a maximum of $1000 per award.
  • Xi Chapter Board members may not apply for funding.

Application Guidelines and Attachments

Each application should include a cover letter stipulating Xi membership status, curriculum vitae of investigator(s), the proposed study and any other pertinent documents.

  • Proposal Guidelines
  • Specific aims/hypotheses
  • Background/significance
  • Methods: research design, sample, measures/instruments, procedures, plan for data analysis, plan for human subjects approval
  • References, specific budget, timeline
  • Additional monetary support received for the project

By accepting the grant funds, you agree to the following:

  • Use the funds within 3 months of receiving the funds.
  • Present findings at an Xi program following completion of the study (scholarly program in fall or spring within 1 calendar year).
  • Provide a report at the completion of the study on expenditures, enrollment, and plans for dissemination of the results. Return any unused funds.
  • Return all funds if IRB approval is not obtained.
  • Provide an abstract of the study results for publication on the Xi web site.