SNAP sells Penn Nursing apparel, including t-shirts, fleece jackets, zip-ups, sweaters, accessories, and more!

At certain times, the website may be down due to maintenance, revamping, or other reasons - but know, it will be back up eventually!

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Since the Fall semester of 2021, we have re-expanded our options to include both shipping for apparel, as well as in-person sales after a hiatus due to the pandemic. We are excited to be able to continue both kinds of sales moving forward!!

Additionally, during the Spring semester of 2022, SNAP’s Fundraising Chair successfully organized an order of customized Penn Nursing Patagonias. Over two hundred Patagonias were custom ordered for embroidery (and then distributed) and SNAP also ordered additional blank Penn Nursing Patagonias for sale (all of these have been sold)! We are hoping to be able to coordinate another Penn Nursing Patagonia sale in the near future!

Below, you can find some flyers SNAP has created for apparel sales in the past!

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Please email SNAP’s Fundraising Chair Ela Kolonja ( for further details or if you have requests for types of apparel you would like to see! We are always open to suggestions!