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National Convention 2021

State Convention 2020

Every year Penn Nursing sends students to the Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania and National Student Nurses’ Association annual conventions. Through these conventions, students gain valuable leadership skills, professional development, networking activities, and more. Students can also choose to run for the boards of the state and national organizations. To learn more information about the convention and how to register:

In 2020, 19 undergraduate Student Nurses at Penn (SNAP) members attended the Virtual Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania annual convention. Attendees were able to select from a wide range of both synchronous and asynchronous events throughout the convention, including legislative meetings.

State convention is always the most unforgettable and exciting event of the fall semester for SNAP. Over Zoom, nursing students from across the state were able to meet each other and converse about their experiences at their respective schools. Attendees also had the chance to hear from inspiring nurse leaders who are representing nursing in a variety of capacities across the state and country. The Keynote Address was given by Anne M. Krouse, PhD, MBA, RN-BC, who is the Dean of Widener University School of Nursing.

Our SNAP delegation had great success at the Awards Ceremony, winning 10 scholarships, 3 individual awards, the chapter newsletter award, and having two SNAP members elected to the SNAP State Board - John Palmer and Charlotte Cecarelli. Additionally, SNAP’s faculty advisor, Dr. Diane Spatz was named Faculty Advisor of the Year.

The following students were in attendance this year: Allison Kiernan, Charlotte Cecarelli, Claire Caldarola, Claire Hennessey, Daisy Tso, Dana Shulman, Delaney Wilkinson, Emma Bickford, Huseyin Cakir, John Palmer, Julia Ann Kennedy, Kaylee Arndt, Krissy Kelly, Lindsay Krott, Megan Landriau, Megan Laubacher, Morgan McGroarty, Rachael Chansler, and Tara Teipel. SNAP’s faculty advisor, Dr. Diane Spatz, also attended.