Peer Advising

Every year, SNAP matches all incoming freshmen with an upperclassman to act as their peer advisor and help with the transition to college.

Transition to college with ease

Starting college can be really overwhelming, so SNAP works closely with the Office of Student Affairs to help with this transition. We do this by individually matching each freshman with a similar upperclassman, organizing study breaks, and planning game nights. Some of our past events include Advanced Registration Parties, Succulent Pot Painting on Hamilton Walk, and a virtual Halloween Costume Party during Fall 2020 (just to name a few)!!

Peer advising also extends beyond the freshmen year. “Tips and Tricks” sessions are organized for every major nursing class throughout the four year curriculum so that students feel prepared at the start of each semester. Some examples include: Microbiology Tips and Tricks, Head to Toe Anatomy Practice Sessions, Preparation for MedSurg, and ABSN Vital Signs Practice Sessions.

Check the SNAP Shots email every Monday to be up to date on the latest Peer Advising events! Below, you can find a few flyers and pictures from some Peer Advising events that have been held in the past.