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State Convention

​Every year Penn Nursing sends about 20 students to state convention and 4 board members to national convention. Through these conventions, students gain valuable  leadership skills, professional development, networking activities, and more. Students can also choose to run on state and national board. To learn more information about convention and how to register:

65th  Annual SNAP Convention 













64th  Annual SNAP Convention 

The Student Nurses at Penn (SNAP) sent a  total of fifteen students, one faculty member, and one admissions representative to Orlando, FL for this year’s 64th Annual National Student Nurses’ Association Convention. This year’s event took place at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort from March 31st – April 2nd, 2016.

In attendance this year were freshmen Mateo Fortes, Anna Campbell, Cecilia Wang, Rose Campbell, Jenny Armstrong, and Lily Peng; sophomore Stacie Rinda; juniors Gretchen Cyros, Kara Keyes, Phoebe Hollyer, Jackie He, Clare Whitney, Crystal Lu, and Marcus Henderson; and senior Shannon McCarthy. Dr. Diane Spatz, advisor to SNAP, and Carol Ladden, Director of Graduate Enrollment Management and New Initiatives, accompanied the students.

Dr. Diane Spatz led a well-attended focus session entitled “Translating Human Milk & Breastfeeding Research into Clinical Practice- A Career as a PhD Nurse Scientist.” Dr. Spatz captivated 

her audience with the importance of human breast milk as a public health issue, and how nurses can help address this important problem. Carol Ladden manned the University of Pennsylvania booth in the exhibition room, where she enthusiastically recruited future Penn nursing graduate students. 

Penn Nursing was well represented by this group of active and involved students. Marcus Henderson led Pennsylvania state caucuses as SNAP’s President, was elected as Chair of the NSNA Council of State Presidents, and will serve as an Ex-Officio Board Member. Stacie Rinda and Cecilia Wang served as the University of Pennsylvania’s delegates, dedicating many hours to reviewing candidates, analyzing resolutions, and voting on important issue as the voices of Penn Nursing. Rose Campbell and Mateo Fortes also served as delegate alternates. Clare Whitney presented her research poster, “Therapeutic Effects of Knitting in Inpatient Psychiatric Populations,” during the exhibitor’s hall.

The resolution, “In Support of Awareness of the Benefits of Exclusive Breastfeeding Until Six Months of Age,” authored by Cecilia Wang, Mateo Fortes, Karen Liao, Kara Keyes, and Kelsey Gross was presented to the House of Delegates.  Cecilia and Kara responded confidently to questions and succeeded in passing the resolution. In addition, Gretchen Cyros, Phoebe Hollyer, Crystal Lu, Jackie He, Kara Keyes, Lily Peng, Rose Campbell, Jenny Armstrong, Anna Campbell, and Mateo Fortes volunteered in  the House of Delegates as monitors.

In addition, freshman Kelsey Gross was awarded the $1,000 Pfizer Oncology Nursing Scholarship and SNAP’s President junior Crystal Lu was awarded the $2,500 Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future Scholarship. 

Please congratulate these students on their accomplishments and for serving as ambassadors for the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing!

  64th Annual NSNA Convention in Orlando Florida