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Points System

Five points per semester are required to be considered an active member

How to Earn SNAP Points:

  • GBM (or similar events) = 1 point
  • Peer Advising Event = 1 point
  • Committee Event/Meeting/Shift = 1 point
  • Volunteering Event = 1 point (sometimes 2 points, depending on the opportunity and time commitment)
  • Fundraising Event = 1 point
  • Attending State or National Convention = 2 points each
  • Becoming an NSNA Member = 2 points (send your membership confirmation to
  • Quiz = 0.5-1 point (depending on the quiz)
  • Peer Advising Meetups = 0.5 points (for a max of 2 points)

If you have questions about specific point opportunities, please contact SNAP Secretary, Dana Shulman, at!

Please remember to sign in at every event you attend in order to get credit. Contact SNAP Secretary, Dana Shulman, at ( to track your points for the semester, or just check your points in the listserv email each week. Active members will receive a certificate and be featured on our website every semester. Additional incentives for active membership can be found on the graphic below!