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How to Get Involved


Come to our meetings (GBMs) and sign-up to be in a committee. Dates will be in the SON weekly emails and in our listserv weekly newsletter, SNAP Shots. As of now, GBMs will be offered in-person this semester and we look forward to seeing you there!

To sign up for our listserv weekly newsletter (Fall 2021):


Our committees have projects you may be interested in as well—whether it’s fundraising, community service, or legislation.

Peer Advising!

Every Spring we take applications for new peer advisors. Upperclassmen are assigned to incoming freshman to help them navigate the transition to college. We host multiple peer advising events for advice and bonding throughout the year.


Receive points for attending these meetings and by participating in committees; you must have 5 points a semester to be considered an active member of SNAP.