History of SNAP

SNAP History (including Boards, Scholarships, and Awards)

Student Nurses at Penn (SNAP) has a long history of equipping nursing students with the tools to become successful students, leaders, and nursing professionals. The earliest record of our board dates back to 2002, although we know SNAP existed before that. While SNAP’s mission has remained constant over the years, the composition of the SNAP Board has evolved to reflect SNAP’s needs and priorities. Positions such as CPR Chair and Webmaster have been absorbed into other roles, while the position of ABSN Representative is a more recent addition to the board. Our board members have spearheaded numerous events, both within the School of Nursing and university-wide. These include the establishment of an annual dinner that offers students a chance to get to know nursing faculty, and a Narcan training event attended by over 100 individuals from across Penn’s campus.

In addition to its programming within the School of Nursing, SNAP has maintained consistent involvement in the Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania and the National Student Nurses’ Association. SNAP has sent members to conventions all over the country, some as far away as Salt Lake City, Utah and Phoenix, Arizona. Not only have these meetings offered learning and networking opportunities to SNAP members, but they have also allowed for the hard work of SNAP and its membership to be recognized. Over the years, SNAP and its members have earned 55 awards and 121 scholarships at the state level, as well as 17 awards and 63 scholarships at the national level. Some of the highlights include 5 state Chapter Excellence awards; our faculty advisor, Dr. Spatz, being named national “Leader of Leaders” in 2011; and receiving the Stellar School Chapter Award at the national level in 2023. SNAP members have also represented Penn Nursing on the state and national organization boards for many years. This year, we have one current and one former SNAP member serving on the Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania Board of Directors (John Palmer, Nu ’23 - President; Andrew Kim, Nu/Whar ’26 - Central Philadelphia Regional Coordinator) and one serving in a national capacity (Vicky Vo, Nu/CAS ’26 - Resolutions Committee Member)!

We are so proud of SNAP’s rich history and of the previous members who worked hard to make SNAP what it is today. Without their efforts or the guidance of Dr. Spatz, SNAP would not have managed to become one of the most accomplished NSNA chapters in the country. We are excited to see how SNAP will continue to further its legacy!

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Where you involved with SNAP?

We are working on gather many of missing pieces in our SNAP history. If you have anything to contribute, please do not hesitate to reach out to SNAP President Jane Foster (janefost@nursing.upenn.edu).