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SNAP has a variety of different committees that you can be a part of. Each committee meeting is worth 1 point.


Do you like our Penn Nursing Apparel? You can be a part of designing, selling, and ordering apparel! Fundraising is an important committee of SNAP because all money raised goes towards sending people to both state and national convention. Contact Angel Chan ( or Clara Zheng ( if you are interested in joining.

External Public Relations

As nursing students, a large part of what we learn is how to both educate and advocate for our patients. Outside of the healthcare environment, it is equally just as important to educate our community about health-related safety and disease prevention.Our Lifesavers committee is dedicated to educating our campus about a different disease or disorder every month, actively engaging nursing students in our SNAP chapter. Topics we have done in the past include glaucoma, breast cancer, colon cancer, and cardiovascular disease. We have successfully promoted health and prevention regarding these topics and have educated the community accordingly. It is important to integrate what we are learning in the classroom and during our clinicals to the world around us. If you are interested in becoming apart of this committee, please contact Jessica Korducki at to join.

​Community Service

This committee is a resource for a group of nurses to get involved in giving back to the community through service and education. It is a great way to get involved, meet others, and to gain professional experience.  Some projects that we are involved in include hosting blood drives through American Red Cross, helping at the Mobile CPR Project, taking part in the Penn Special Olympics, partnering with Community Champions, and more. Please contact Claire Caldarola ( & Chantalle Dupontt ( join! 


Are you interested in making a change in healthcare? Do you want to raise awareness of any health issues? In this committee, you can pick a healthcare topic that you want to call attention to - in the past, people have debated everything from PSAs regarding the dangers of tanning beds to public education regarding proper EpiPen usage. Then you research the topic, citing various scholarly journals as evidence and compile a resolution stating your position. This resolution is then presented and debated the passage of your resolution at state and national conventions. Change the future of nursing through the legislative process by contacting Delaney Wilkinson ( to join!