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Board Members

2022 SNAP Board


​President John Palmer (Nu ’23) ​
Vice President  Megan Laubacher (Nu ’24) 
Secretary  Dana Shulman (Nu ’24)
Treasurer  Claire Hennessey (Nu ’23)
Legislative Coordinator  ​Emma Hovestadt (Nu ’25)
Fundraising Chair Jane Foster (Nu ’25)
Community Service Chair Lauren Forester (Nu ’23)
Community Service Chair Sonia Feil (Nu ’24)
Peer Advising Chair  Alissa Brubaker (Nu ’24)
Peer Advising Chair  Kristel Rambaud (Nu ’25)
ABSN Representative Dianne Garcia (Nu ’22)


Feel free to reach out to the board members at their emails above and learn more about them in their bios below. 


President: John Palmer
Class: 2023
Special Degree Programs: BFS
Future Goal:
After graduation, I would like to work as an emergency room nurse. I know I would also like to go back to school at some point, but I am not quite sure for what, just yet!
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: 
My favorite part about SNAP is the connections and friendships I have made through it. Between SNAP programming at Penn and nursing conventions, I have been able to meet so many other Penn nursing students and students from other schools that I would have otherwise never got the chance to interact with. It is awesome for all of us to be able to connect over our common goal of helping people and transforming healthcare by becoming nurses and leaders.
Vice President: Megan Laubacher
Class: 2024
Special Degree Programs: Minor in Health Service Management
Future Goal:
I would love to become a pediatric nurse, and to pursue an advanced degree. I have hopes to be involved in nurse leadership and healthcare policy throughout my career!
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:
In my time with SNAP, I have learned valuable leadership skills that I can apply both now as a student at Penn, and in the future as a nurse. I also had the pleasure to serve as a Peer Advising Chair on the 2021 SNAP Board, and it was so rewarding to play a role in creating meaningful relationships for underclassmen. Those same connections with my mentors in my first year inspired me to serve on the SNAP board for these two terms! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with SNAP, and I love giving back to the nursing community at Penn!
Secretary: Dana Shulman
Class: 2024
Special Degree Programs: Minor in Nutrition
Future Goal:
I would love to pursue a nursing career working in trauma, specializing in pediatrics. I plan to work for a few years before returning to graduate school to earn my MSN to become a Trauma CRNP.
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:
I absolutely loved serving on the 2021 SNAP Board as Secretary! I am very appreciative of the bonds I was able to make with other nursing students who partake in SNAP, and the bonds I was able to make with the other SNAP board members. I am looking forward to working with a new board this year — still doing what I love as SNAP Secretary!
Treasurer: Claire Hennessey
Class: 2023 
Future Goal: 
I am interested in working with the adult or geriatric population in a critical care setting, and I am passionate about palliative care and pain management. I also would love to be a travel nurse for a few years before becoming a nurse practitioner.
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: 
I love how SNAP allows new nursing students to learn from their older peers about how to be successful in the school and profession. As we gain more experience, we have the opportunity to help the younger students we once were.
Legislative Chair: Emma Hovestadt
Class: 2025
Special Degree Programs: Nutrition Minor
Future Goal: 
My goal is to work as a NICU nurse after graduation!
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:  
My favorite part of SNAP is learning about all the ways nurses can have an impact on their community. I have also thoroughly enjoyed making amazing connections with other nursing students!
Fundraising Chair: Jane Foster
Class: 2025
Special Degree Programs: Double Major in Nutrition
Future Goal:
After graduating, I would love to work at a children’s hospital in a pediatric or neonatal ICU. Eventually, I want to go back to school to get my Nurse Practitioner degree in acute pediatric care!
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:
My favorite part of SNAP is all of the opportunities it has given me! I’ve been able to attend the SNAP State Convention, run for office, meet so many new people, and have gotten so much advice from upperclassmen through GBMs and friendships I’ve made!
Community Service Chair: Lauren Forester
Class: 2023
Future Goal:
In the future, I would like to work either in labor and delivery or neonatal nursing. Through my clinical rotations, I have come to love working with infants and mothers, but I am excited to see what is to come in the next semester with our pediatric rotation! In the future, I would also like to return to school to either become a Certified Nurse Midwife or a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. I am always looking for new ways to learn and advance myself in the field of nursing!
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: 
My favorite part of SNAP involvement is volunteering through organizations such as MANNA and LLS. As the community service chair, it is so great to see Penn Nursing come together and give back to our community!
Community Service Chair: Sonia Feil
Class: 2024
Special Degree Programs: ASL & Deaf Studies Minor
Future Goal 
Currently, I feel most drawn to a career in pediatric acute care, but I am excited to explore other areas of nursing. I plan to pursue an advanced degree after gaining experience at the bedside.
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:
Events that allow me to connect with the local community through service are my favorite. I also love the sense of community that SNAP builds between nursing cohorts!
Peer Advising Chair: Alissa Brubaker
Class: 2024
Future Goal:
I am interested in a few different career paths right now, but I would love to work in trauma care, women’s health, or global health.
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:
My favorite part of SNAP involvement is having the opportunity to meet nursing students of all ages, and being able to learn from and teach each other. I love the supportive environment that SNAP creates and how its members wish to see everyone succeed!
Peer Advising Chair: Kristel Rambaud
Class: 2025
Future Goal: 
In the future, I want to become a nurse practitioner. It’s still early in my nursing career so I’m really looking forward to exploring all the different specialties there are!
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:  
I’ve loved getting to meet so many different people of all different grade levels. It’s been so rewarding to know all these other people with the same passion for nursing and  I have loved getting to learn from the experiences of the upperclassmen.


ABSN Representative: Dianne Garcia
Class: 2022
Special Degree Programs: ABSN-MSN Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program
Future Goal:
I want to work with underserved and vulnerable populations in Primary Care and Population Health.
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:
I loved attending the elections and seeing all the SNAP members!!