Board Members

Introducing the current SNAP Board.

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Jane Foster, Traditional BSN Program '25

Jane Foster

Vicky Vo, Nursing & Healthcare Management Dual Degree '26

Vicky Vo

Vice President
Sophia Keang, Traditional BSN Program '27

Sophia Keang

Kristel Rambaud, Traditional BSN Program '25

Kristel Rambaud

Lauren Fields, Traditional BSN Program '27

Lauren Fields

Legislative Coordinator
Ela Kolonja, Traditional BSN Program '27

Ela Kolonja

Fundraising Chair
Yeng Shao, CO'25

Yeng Shao

Community Service Chair
Angela Steinkrauss, CO'26

Angela Steinkrauss

Community Service Chair
Kennedy Smihula, CO'26

Kennedy Smihula

Peer Advising Chair
Hazel Ekeke, Traditional BSN Program '27

Hazel Ekeke

Peer Advising Chair
Kristian Alvarez, ABSN '24

Kristian Alvarez

ABSN Representative