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Board Members

2020 SNAP Board


​President Lindsay Krott (Nu’21) ​  
Vice President  Delaney Wilkinson (Nu’22)  
Treasurer  Cassidy Gallagher (Nu’21)  
Secretary  Julia Ann Kennedy (Nu’21)  
Legislative Coordinator  ​John Palmer (Nu’23)
Community Service Chair Claire Caldarola (Nu’21)
Community Service Chair Chantalle Dupont (Nu’22)
Fundraising Chair Claire Hennessey  (Nu’23)
Peer Advising Chair  Kaylee Arndt (Nu’21)
Peer Advising Chair  Charlotte Cecarelli (Nu’22)
ABSN Representative Allison Kiernan (Nu’20)


Feel free to reach out to the board members at their emails above and learn more about them in their bios below. 


President: Lindsay Krott
Class: 2021
Future Goal:
My plan is to become a pediatric nurse practitioner specializing in oncology.
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: 
My favorite part about my involvement with SNAP is the opportunity to develop relationships with my peers throughout all the Nursing Cohorts.  Serving as peer advising chair last year, I got to know many nurses in the younger cohorts and I look forward to the opportunity to meet and serve more Penn nurses!
Vice President: Delaney Wilkinson
Class: 2022
Future Goal:
Currently, I am interested in graduating with my BSN and gaining some experience before pursuing travel nursing around the country. I think it would be interesting to see how different healthcare settings around the United States function, and I am very interested in traveling and meeting new people! Ultimately, I would like to get my MSN, but I am not decided in what specialty just yet! 
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:
My favorite part about SNAP is the relationships and opportunities I have had the opportunity to pursue. Not only have I attended in-state and out-of-state conferences, but I have also gained invaluable leadership skills that will aid me later in life. Through writing resolutions and volunteering with my fellow SNAP members, I have found my place at Penn that I feel the happiest! 
Treasurer: Cassidy Gallagher
Class: 2021
Special Degree Programs: Hispanic Studies and Global Health Minors
Future Goal:
I am very interested in critical care nursing and want to work in either Trauma or the Emergency Department upon graduation. Within a few years of gaining experience, I hope to be a Certified Flight Registered Nurse on the transport team for a major hospital system in Philly. In the future, I hope to be a Family Nurse Practitioner with my own practice to serve a diverse variety of families in the city. I also have a passion for community engagement in the Dominican Republic where I hope to direct a non-profit organization focused on health and youth empowerment.
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:
I love the relationships formed with my other board members and the ability to be a leader for my fellow nursing students while doing all that I can to look out for their best interests. I always love going to state and national conventions where I can meet the most accomplished nurses and students across the country. It truly is an inspiring experience that makes me feel proud to be a nursing student.
Secretary: Julia Ann Kennedy
Class: 2021
Special Degree Programs: Benjamin Franklin Scholar and French Language Certificate 
Future Goal: 
Currently I am interested in obtaining my MSN to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. This will allow me to help premature babies and their families. 
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: 
My favorite part of SNAP is attending convention. At convention we present new student legislation, hear from inspiring nurses, and meet other nursing students from across the state. 
  Legislative Chair: John Palmer
Class: 2023
Special Degree Programs: Benjamin Franklin Scholar
Future Goal: 
My understanding of the different fields and opportunities within nursing has been constantly expanding ever since I got to Penn, so I do not have much of a plan at the moment. Research and administration are two areas that currently interest me, but I am keeping an open mind for the time being.
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:  
My favorite part about SNAP so far has been attending state convention. State convention gave me the opportunity to get to know other nursing students from Penn and to meet students from other Pennsylvania nursing schools. I also got to hear from some really accomplished speakers about different career opportunities within nursing, which was interesting and empowering. 
Community Service Chair: Claire Caldarola
Class: 2021
Future Goal:
My plan is to graduate and become a bedside nurse, as I love caring for, connecting, and building relationships with others. I have always dreamed about trying out travel nursing after a couple of years and seeing different parts of the country before settling down somewhere! One day I may pursue an advance practice degree, such as a Nurse Practitioner or Clinical Nurse Specialist, but we’ll see where life takes me! As of now, I could see myself doing adult oncology, working with children, or down the road, maybe L&D.
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: 
I love that SNAP has allowed me to learn from older peers and mentor younger students at the same time. I have loved serving on board this past year and am excited for another wonderful year ahead. I have formed great friendships by being active in SNAP, be it creating and attending GBMs, getting class and career advice, or of course, getting to serve those in our community through volunteer events. Being a part of this community within the nursing school has been a blessing.  
 Chantalle Dupont, Community Service Chair
Community Service Chair: Chantalle Dupont
Class: 2022
Future GoalI see myself working as an OR nurse in the future. In high school, I worked as an anesthesia technician in the OR, and love being in a fast-paced and hands-on environment. I’m interested in the CRNA program here at Penn, but am truly open to learn more about all the different fields and possibilities in nursing!
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: I love being a part of SNAP because it allows me to grow closer to fellow nursing students both in and outside of Penn. Additionally, community service was such an important part of my life in high school, and through SNAP, I can continue giving back and learning ways that I can help the Philadelphia community. I am so excited to represent SNAP’s Community Service Chair, and to encourage other nursing students to take action and volunteer.
Fundraising Chair: Claire Hennessey
Class: 2023
Future Goal: 
After graduation, I would like to work as an ICU nurse, although I am not sure with which population.  I would also like to work as a travel nurse before ultimately going back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner.    
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: 
Through SNAP, I had the opportunity to attend the Student Nurses of Pennsylvania State Convention, where we heard from inspiring speakers and leaders in the nursing field.  SNAP’s peer advising events are also great opportunities to learn from the experiences of upperclassmen to help navigating our four years at Penn Nursing.  

Peer Advising Chair: Kaylee Arndt
Class: 2021

Future Goal: 

I believe that nurses have the greatest ability to do this as they interact with the patient throughout their care, and my greatest goal in life has always been to make a difference in my patient’s lives. My goal in nursing is to work as an RN for a few years before going to graduate school and becoming an NP. The specific program I apply for will be dependent on the needs of the community I am in as well as my specific interests at that time.                                                      

Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: 

My favorite part about my involvement with SNAP is by far the peer advising program. I love my peer advisor and my advisees! 

Peer Advising Chair: Charlotte Cecarelli
Class: 2022
Special Degree Programs:  
Nutrition Minor
Future Goal: 
To submatriculate into the neonatal nurse practitioner program and work in a NICU!
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:  
The conventions each semester. I have made so many great memories at both the state and national conventions and have been able to make so many great friendships! I also really enjoy contributing to the resolutions we present at these conventions.


ABSN Representative: Allison Kiernan
Class: 2020
Future Goal: 
After graduation, I plan to become a floor nurse. I have enjoyed all the clinical rotations so far so I am still not sure where I will end up after graduation, but I am open to all opportunities. 
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:  
My favorite part about SNAP is being able to get involved with community service in the area and getting to meet other nursing students in other cohorts.