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Board Members

2019 SNAP Board


​President Michelle Nigro (Nu’20) ​  
Vice President  Jessica Korducki (Nu’20)  
Treasurer  Cassidy Gallagher (Nu’21)  
Secretary  Julia Ann Kennedy (Nu’21)  
Legislative Coordinator  Delaney Wilkinson (Nu’22)  
 Community Service Chair Claire Caldarola (Nu’21)
Community Service Chair Chantalle Dupont (Nu’22)
Fundraising Chair Clara Zheng  (Nu’20)   
Fundraising Chair Angel NingYi Chan (Nu’22)  

Peer Advising Chair Gabrielle Ramos (Nu’20)  
Peer Advising Chair  Lindsay Krott (Nu’21)  


Feel free to reach out to the board members at their emails above and learn more about them in their bios below. 


 Michelle Nigro, President
President: Michelle Nigro
Class: 2020
Minor: History, Health, and the Humanities 
Future Goal: My plan is to earn a PhD in Nursing to become a Researcher and Educator, which will assist me in obtaining my goal of always being a passionate leader and advocate for my patients and profession.  
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:  My favorite part about my involvement with SNAP is the opportunity to develop relationships with my peers throughout all the Nursing Cohorts.  I also am thrilled that through SNAP, I am able to represent Penn Nursing at Nursing Student Conventions at both the State and National level, where I am constantly inspired by dedicated nurses and nursing students!
Favorite Class I have Taken through Penn Nursing: NURS318 Race, Gender, Class and the History of American Health Care with Dr. Julie Fairman
Other Involvement on Campus: Besides my involvement with SNAP, I am an Administrative Assistant in Dean Villarruel’s Office.  When I am not in Fagin, I can often be found at the Newman Center or performing with Penn Singers Light Opera Company, for which I am also the Publicity Manager. 
 Vice President, Jessica Korducki
Vice President: Jessica Korducki
Class: 2020
Minor: Hispanic studies 
Future Goal: Ultimately, I want to further my education by becoming a Nurse Practitioner or ClinicaNurse Specialist, and eventually teach or do research. However, I want to work several years as a bedside nurse in a pediatric hospital
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: There are several reasons why I think being part of SNAP is such a great experience. First off, I love the fact that I am able to get to meet nurses from various cohorts and the mentorship opportunities this provides. I love that SNAP is multi-faceted and allows nursing students to explore different parts of our profession such as influencing legislation or volunteering our skills to the community. Lastly, I love going to state and nationaconvention where I have been able to learn about how expansive the opportunities we have in our profession are, and the amazing things nurses around the world are doing. It is inspiring and eye- opening. 
Favorite Class I have Taken through Penn Nursing: I really enjoyed my Med/Surg classes. They were definitely tough but I loved learning the content and being able to develop skills that will truly help others. 
Other Involvement on Campus: Besides SNAP, I am involved in Puentes de Salud, Community Champions, Globe Med, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and Camp Kesem. I am also very involved in my sorority, Alpha Phi, that raises money and awareness about women’s heart health. 
 Cassidy Gallagher, Treasurer
Treasurer: Cassidy Gallagher
Class: 2021
Minors: Hispanic Studies, Global Health
Future Goal: My goal is to become a Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and work in an urban environment where I can serve a diverse patient population from various ethnic and socioeconomic background. Due to my passion for community nursing, I also desire to one day be the director of a non-profit organization that serves global low-income Hispanic communities through implementing sustainable health projects and interventions.
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: My favorite part about being in SNAP is the sense of family not only among the board members, but also among the membership that we have been able to create. Some of my most memorable times in college so far have been traveling to state and national conventions with members of our chapter where we have engaged with nursing leaders throughout the world and are inspired every day to change the field of health care for the better.
Favorite Class I have Taken through Penn Nursing: NURS298 Independent Study Abroad: Dominican Republic - Community Health Needs Assessment with Dr. Terri Lipman
Other Involvement on Campus: I have been working as a Research Assistant for Dr. Matthew McHugh in the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research (CHOPR) at the nursing school since freshman year. I am also a member of the Penn Women’s Indoor Club Volleyball Team and will be captain for the 2019 year.
 Julia Ann Kennedy, Secretary
Secretary: Julia Ann Kennedy
Class: 2021
Minor: French Language Certificate 
Future Goal: Currently I am interested in obtaining my MSN to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. This will allow me to help premature babies and their families. 
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: My favorite part of SNAP is attending state convention. At convention we present new student legislation, hear from inspiring nurses, and meet other nursing students from across the state. 
Favorite Class I have Taken through Penn Nursing: NURS 164 Anatomy and Physiology has been my favorite class so far. Learning how to do a complete physical exam and the science behind was super interesting and was my first true nursing skill. 
Other Involvement on Campus: Besides serving on SNAP Board and Legislative committee, I am a Benjamin Franklin Scholar and a School of Nursing Peer Advisor. I am also in Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society. 
 Delaney Wilkinson, Legislative Coordinator Legislative Chair: Delaney Wilkinson
Class: 2022
Future Goal: My plan as of right now, though it does seem to be changing constantly, is to look more deeply into Forensic Nursing. I’m also interested in Psych Mental Health and Women’s Health/Gender-Related Care.
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:  My favorite part about my involvement with SNAP has been bonding with my fellow nursing students and volunteering with organizations such as Give Kids Sight Day 2018 and The Mobile CPR Project. I am also very excited to be traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah with SNAP in April 2019!
Favorite Class I have Taken through Penn Nursing: My favorite class I have taken through Penn Nursing so far has been NURS061 Biologically Based Chemistry. I am a shameless math nerd, and I loved learning about the properties of the world around us. 
Other Involvement on Campus: Besides my participation in SNAP, I am also a Named Scholarship Program Student Ambassador. Recently, I joined UPenn’s Outdoors Club, and I am looking forward to going on adventures with that amazing group! 
 Claire Caldarola, Community Service Chair
Community Service Chair: Claire Caldarola
Class: 2021
Future Goal: My plan is to graduate and become a floor nurse, as I have a passion to serving others. After a couple of years, I will determine whether or not I want to pursue an advance practice degree, such as a Nurse Practitioner or Clinical Nurse Specialist! I am most interested in working in L&D, Pediatrics, or the Operating room. With clinical beginning this semester, I hope to begin narrowing down these interests and see where I best fit!  
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:  I love that SNAP has allowed me to learn from older peers and has opened my eyes to the many possibilities that exist for nurses. Being able to attend talks, get class and career advice, and be a part of a community within the nursing school has been great! I am looking forward to hopefully attending the NSNA convention to further my knowledge and hear from incredible leaders in the field. 
Favorite Class I have Taken through Penn Nursing: NURS 164 Nursing Lab with Professor Quigley and Kim Callahan as my instructor! Though the head to toe assessment is challenging, you begin to feel like a real nurse once you’ve got it down!
Other Involvement on Campus: Besides being Community Service Co-Chair with SNAP, I am a sister in the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority on campus. I love building relationships and friendships with sisters in all years who have been mentors to me. I can also be found spending time with the Newman community, and shooting photography as a hobby!
 Chantalle Dupont, Community Service Chair
Community Service Chair: Chantalle Dupont
Class: 2022
Future GoalI see myself working as an OR nurse in the future. In high school, I worked as an anesthesia technician in the OR, and love being in a fast-paced and hands-on environment. I’m interested in the CRNA program here at Penn, but am truly open to learn more about all the different fields and possibilities in nursing!
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: I love being a part of SNAP because it allows me to grow closer to fellow nursing students both in and outside of Penn. Additionally, community service was such an important part of my life in high school, and through SNAP, I can continue giving back and learning ways that I can help the Philadelphia community. I am so excited to represent SNAP’s Community Service Chair, and to encourage other nursing students to take action and volunteer.
Favorite Class I have Taken through Penn Nursing: NURS163- Integrated Human Anatomy, Physiology & Physical Assessment I
Other Involvement on Campus: This semester I’m getting involved with research at HUP on the physiology and risk factors that lead to ARDS and sepsis, and ways that these diseases can be prevented. 
 Clara Zheng, Fundraising Chair
Fundraising Chair: Clara Zheng
Class: 2020
Minor: Health, History, and Humanities 
Future Goal: My plan is to be a pediatric nurse in an inpatient hospital in New York City after graduating. 
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: My favorite part about my involvement with SNAP is that I get to interact with students of all ages who are passionate about nursing. I get to meet other nursing students who come from different backgrounds than I do and it’s really eye-opening to learn from them. 
Favorite Class I have Taken through Penn Nursing: NURS305: Narrative Matters in Health with Dr. Connolly 
Other Involvement on Campus: Besides my involvement with SNAP, I am the secretary of Chi Omega. I swim backstroke and freestyle for the Penn Club Swim team. I am also involved with the Order of Omega, the Greek leadership honor society. 
 Angel NingYi Chan, Fundraising Chair
Fundraising Chair: Angel NingYi Chan
Class: 2022
Minor: Possibly minoring in nutrition
Future Goal: My goal is to become a pediatric nurse because I love caring for children and to hopefully earn a NP.
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP: My favorite part of my involvement with SNAP was having the opportunity to listen to so many prominent speakers at the State Convention in Harrisburg last semester. It gave me an insight to the vast range of opportunities in nursing and encouraged me to become more open minded about the paths that I can take in my career.
Favorite Class I have Taken through Penn Nursing: NURS163 Integrated Human Anatomy, Physiology & Physical Assessment with Dr. Scanga
Other Involvement on Campus: Aside from my involvement on the SNAP board, I am also a member of the legislative committee and have attended the annual State Convention. I am a member of APANSA and CSA. 
 Gabrielle Ramos, Peer Advising Chair
Peer Advising Chair: Gabrielle Ramos
Class: 2020
Minor Global Health
Future Goal: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, either in Cardiology or Oncology.  I also hope to make global health work and research a part of my career as well as teach as a clinical and/or SIM lab instructor.   
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:  The Peer Advising ProgramMentorship is so important in any field, but especially nursing. Often we are each other’s best asset. I’ve also really enjoyed getting to connect with nursing students and nurses from across at the nation at state and national conventions. 
Favorite Class I have Taken through Penn Nursing: NURS545 Maternal and Infant Care in the Americas! I had the chance to learn along side midwifery, pediatric NP, accelerated BSNs, and other undergraduates in seminars preparing for our trip. We created our own “charlas” which we taught in schools, hospitals, clinics, and birth attendant meetings in Guatemala. I was the head of the project surrounding education of students in Pre-K-5th grade, teachers, and parents on heart health. Learning in other countries and understanding the culture surrounding health and wellness is so important! 
Other Involvement on Campus: Besides my involvement with SNAP, I am a assistant in  Office of Advising and Student Information. My favorite part of my job is getting to take prospective students and their families to lunch and/or class with me. Through the Collegium Institute, I am a Medical Humanities Fellow. I serve as the President of the Penn Catholic Newman Center and head formation and programming for our Women’s Household. I spend most Friday nights on street walks in Center City engaging with the homeless. 
 Lindsay Krott, Peer Advising Chair
Peer Advising Chair: Lindsay Krott
Class: 2021 
Position: Peer Advising Chair
Future Goal: My hope is to submatriculate into the dual NurseMidwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner program which will assist me in obtaining my goal of being an advocate for women and providing quality care for women and their children. 
Favorite part of my involvement with SNAP:  My favorite part about my involvement with SNAP is attending state convention. It is so interesting to hear about the different nursing programs and meet nursing students from across the state
Favorite Class I have Taken through Penn Nursing: NURS333 Victimology with Dr. Cronin
Other Involvement on Campus: Besides my involvement with SNAP, I am an Administrative Assistant at the Center for Autism Research at CHOP. In my free time, I play the piccolo in the Penn Band (go Quakers!), and I am involved with the Newman Center.