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Welcome to Student Nurses at Penn (SNAP)!


SNAP is the School of Nursing’s main and oldest undergraduate student organization that is committed to creating programming and opportunities for nursing students. Come to our GBMs and other events for studying tips, career advice from SON faculty/classmates, tips on securing an externship, and more. Enjoy prizes from SNAP and learn more about how to become active in the School of Nursing.

SNAP prides itself on being an organization that helps nursing undergraduates find opportunities, resources, and platforms to develop leadership that will extend from the classroom, the hospital, and beyond.  

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Please email SNAP Secretary, Dana Shulman, at with information on any events you would like posted to the SNAP website.



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Diane Spatz

Dr. Diane Spatz (PhD, RN-BC, FAAN) is SNAP’s incredible faculty advisor. She received her BSN, MSN, and PhD at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to making sure we have all the resources and support we need to run smoothly, she is also the Helen M. Shearer Term Professor of Nutrition and the Director of the Lactation Program and the Mother’s Milk Bank at CHOP. Her 10 Step Model to Promote & Protect Human Milk and Breastfeeding in Vulnerable Infants is used worldwide. Dr. Spatz’s case study course is one of the only undergraduate courses in human milk and breastfeeding in the world. She also provides guest lectures on breastfeeding and research in the BSN and MSN programs and mentors students at all levels (BSN, MSN, and PhD). Selected Career Highlights include being the Chair of the Expert Panel on Breastfeeding for the AAN, the AAN representative for the United States Breastfeeding Committee, and being a Winner of the Edge Runner Award from the AAN.

Dr. Spatz- SNAP Faculty Advisor