Second Major in Nutrition Science

Nutrition Science is the study of how food influences health and disease, and it is considered a cornerstone of wellness for people at all stages of their lives. 

About the Program

Our second major in Nutrition Science is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Penn Nursing and Penn Arts & Sciences. Undergraduates at Penn Nursing and Penn Arts & Sciences may declare this program as a second major. Through this program, you’ll study concepts like dietary behaviors and metabolism, as well as scientific approaches to the physiological roles of nutrients in the diet, from the cellular to human level. You’ll explore the role of nutrition in cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity, conditions which together account for nearly seventy percent of global mortality.

We believe that the next generation of leaders and clinicians need a well-rounded background in nutrition science, as well as the social sciences and public health. We built this innovative program with these goals in mind.

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Program Details


The major consists of basic science courses (such as cellular biology, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry), required nutrition science courses, and four electives. Penn Nursing and Penn Arts & Sciences undergraduates are able to declare this program as a second major.

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Program Outcomes

The career paths open to graduates of our second major in Nutrition Science program will vary depending on their first major. Graduates will develop the following outcomes:

  • Develop a solid knowledge base about nutrition science to enhance their future professional endeavors.
  • Communicate about health and nutrition with students from different academic training and perspectives.
  • Collaborate with students from varied backgrounds and interests to create and launch group projects.
  • Evaluate published research from the peer-reviewed nutrition science literature.
  • Develop scholarly writing and presentation skills to communicate nutrition knowledge.

Declare a Second Major

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Program Activities

New Insight into Optimal Protein Dosing for Critically Sick Patients

A new study finds that higher protein didn’t help this ICU patient population, and for those with acute kidney failure it actually caused harm.

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