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Statistical Support

Smart Collaboration Builds Successful Outcomes

The Office of Nursing Research provides a team of highly skilled doctoral and master’s level statisticians through the BECCA (Biostatistics * Evaluation * Collaboration * Consultation * Analysis) Lab, along with Penn Nursing research assistants and biostatistics graduate interns, who work with investigators to design, implement, analyze, and disseminate their research. Collaboration with a fully-supported, skilled statistician typically yields more clearly articulated results that are better able to satisfy grant reviewers’ expectations and stand up to peer-review.

Statistical collaboration provides support in the areas of sample size, power analysis computation, data management, statistical analysis, and results presentation. Expert at identifying and addressing potential issues, BECCA statisticians may suggest exploring alternatives such as more appropriate statistical designs, or perhaps modern modeling techniques. BECCA statisticians not only ensure statistical rigor and appropriateness, but also make sure that a study design is practical, feasible, and scientifically justifiable.

Our Services

The BECCA team provides consultation and analytic support in the following areas: