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Amplify Nursing podcast

We showcase the powerful work nurses do each day. Join us in conversations with nurses leading the way in nursing science, policy and innovation. 

Our Amplify Nursing  guests defy stereotypes, define practice, and disrupt convention. We highlight the breadth and depth of nursing influence on society by amplifying nurses who are pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers to build a new paradigm.

Amplify Nursing is a Penn Nursing podcast supported by the Pinola Fund for Innovation in Nursing. Hosted by Marion Leary and Dr. Angelarosa DiDonato

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New Special Episodes Out Now!

Dr. Lisa Lewis

On an important special episode of Amplify Nursing we talk with Dr. Lisa Lewis , Associate Professor of Nursing and Associate Professor in the Department of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, as well and the Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusivity at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing.

Dr. Lewis’ research centers around health equity and health disparities, and she uses that research as a way to advocate and provide a voice for Black patients. As a mentor and educator she focuses on preparing student nurses to care for this country’s increasingly diverse patient populations.

We talk with Dr. Lewis about racism, health inequity, and social justice. Speaking truth to power, she discusses what this means from the nursing perspective, the influence the nursing profession could have to leverage the fight against racial inequity, and what anti-racism nursing might look like.

Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.

For this episode, we are coordinating coverage with At The Core of Care  podcast from the PA Action Coalition . Check out their episode on social justice to learn more.

Special COVID-19 Episodes!

Dr. Pritma Dhillon-Chattha and Dr. Brighid Gannon

COVID-19: This week on another special episode of AmplifyNursing, we talk with Dr. Pritma Dhillon-Chattha and Dr. Brighid Gannon. When the world shut down for the covid-19 pandemic, these entrepreneurial nurses, saw a need. Dr. Gannon, a psychiatric NP,  was inundated with requests for treatment and struggled to meet the demand. Partnering with Dr. Dhillon-Chattha, together  they focused on improving access to mental health treatment. We speak with them about their project, Lavender,  the trauma suffered by healthcare workers during the pandemic, and creative solutions for improving mental health.

Listen here   or wherever you get your podcasts.

Dr. James-Conterelli. Amplify Nursing

COVID-19: This week on our next special COVID19 episode of AmplifyNursing we speak with Dr. Sascha James-Conterelli .

Whether leading the NY state association of Licensed midwives or teaching at the Yale School of Nursing , Dr James-Conterelli is bringing to light racial disparities in maternal morbidity and mortality.

As co-chair of Gov Cuomo’s maternal morbidity and racial disparity task force , she is using her experience to create policy change at a state and national level.

We talk with her about her policy work, the added challenges COVID-19 is placing on marginalized communities, and the need to be optimistic about the future.

Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.

Amplify Nursing Dr. Laura Vargas and Dr. Adriana Perez

COVID-19: On our next special episode of Amplify Nursing we talk to Dr. Laura Vargas and Dr. Adriana Perez , two scholars whose research focuses on Latinx immigrant populations in the US.

Dr. Vargas is a Vice-Provost post-doctoral fellow at the Penn Injury Science Center at the School of Nursing and Dr. Perez is a nurse practitioner and an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.

They discuss the challenges our immigrant communities face during this pandemic, how health and healthcare disparities in the Latinx immigrant communities are being magnified, and what needs to happen moving forward to start to solve the complex issues both during and after the pandemic.

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.

For this episode, we are coordinating coverage with At The Core of Care podcast from the PA Action Coalition . Check out their Refugee Health Up Close episode to learn more about immigrant and refugee health.

Special COVID-19 Episode: Lynda Benton, Molly McCarthy and Rebecca Love

COVID-19: On the next special episode of Amplify Nursing we talk with the three organizational leaders behind the upcoming Nurse Hack for Health: COVID19 virtual hackathon, Molly McCarthy , a National Director and Chief Nursing Officer at Microsoft , Lynda Benton , Senior Director, at Johnson & Johnson , and Rebecca Love , President of SONSIEL , the Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

Together they’re providing nurses an opportunity to virtually work alongside engineers and developers to create new, innovative solutions to the problems they are seeing in the acute care and home-care settings, during this pandemic.

 We talk with them about their organizations’ fierce passion to support our frontline nurses, what a virtual hackathon is and how it works, and why we all should be supporting nurses as leaders in health and healthcare innovation, especially during this public health crisis.

Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.


Rachel Walker and Anna Valdez

COVID-19: On the next special COVID19 episode  of Amplify Nursing we talk with Dr. Rachel Walker and Dr. Anna Valdez , two of the organizers of the Nursing Mutual Aid 2020 Twitter conference. Created  to support  mutual aid  and  to foster global connections,  the Nursing Mutual Aid Twitter Conference aims to  amplify new knowledge necessary to nurse the community in the context of the current pandemic.

Dr. Walker and Dr. Valdez will discuss the importance of mutual aid, how a Twitter conference works, and why a virtual conference like this is so important for the nursing community.  

Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.

Brianna Morgan and Elise Tarbi

COVID-19: On our next special COVID19 episode of Amplify Nursing we talk with Adult and Gerontological Primary Care Nurse Practitioners Elise Tarbi  and Brianna Morgan .

Elise Tarbi and Brianna Morgan are board-certified Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioners with advanced certifications in Hospice and Palliative care, as well as doctoral students at the Penn Nursing.

We discuss the importance of advance care planning in the era of COVID19. With demands on both hospitals and providers expanding, and resources predicted to become ever more scarce, there has been heightened public discourse about rationing. Our guests discuss how advance care planning has increased importance in this landscape in order to support people with an increased risk of dying, as well as the healthcare providers and family members who may be facing these difficult decisions.

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.


COVID-19: On our next special edition of AmplifyNursing we check back in with public health researcher and behavioral epidemiologist Dr. Alison Buttenheim and social epidemiologist Dr. Carolyn Cannuscio 

It’s been two weeks since we last spoke with Dr. Buttenheim  and Dr.  Cannuscio  about the coronavirus and a lot has occurred in that time. In this episode we discuss where we are at in this pandemic, how it has been handled locally and nationally so far, and what is still to come.    

Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.


COVID-19:  On this second special episode of Amplify Nursing we speak with public health nurse Dr. Lisa Campbell DNP, RN PHNA-BC . Dr. Campbell is a Professor at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing and the immediate past chair of the American Public Health Associate’s Public Health Nursing Section.

Dr. Campbell is also the chairperson of the Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations and leads initiatives to advance public health in urban and rural communities. We talk with Dr. Campbell about the current state of our public health system in the US, the effect this rapidly changing coronavirus pandemic is having on that system and what we could be doing differently to flatten the curve.

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.


COVID-19: On this special episode of AmplifyNursing we talk with public health researcher and behavioral epidemiologist Dr.  Alison Buttenheim and social epidemiologist Dr. Carolyn Cannuscio . Dr.Buttenheim is an associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing and Assistant Professor of Health Policy at the Perelman School of Medicine. Dr. Cannuscio is the Director of Research for Center for Public Health Initiatives and an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Pennsylvania. Today they discuss the coronavirus – what we need to know, what we need to do to help lessen the spread, and what we should expect in the days and weeks to come. 

LISTEN HERE or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Check out our podcasts now: 


Episode 1: Carolyn Jones is a photographer, photojournalist, and champion of the profession of nursing. She sees the best of what humanity can be in the profession, and highlights that humanity by capturing the intimacies and authenticity of nursing through her work. In this episode, she discusses her love of nurses and her projects Defining Hope and the American Nurse. Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.





Episode 2: Antonette Montalvo is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a community health consultant, mentor, and coach for nurses. As the daughter of a mother from the Bahamas, and a father in the Navy, Antonette grew up in many places and was influenced by many cultures. Her path to nursing was influenced by that rich family background, her education, and healthy dose of wanderlust.  She built her career focused on a human-centered approach to culturally competent care that has worked to improve the health of individuals around the world. Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.




Episode 3: As a 38 year veteran of the US Navy, retired Rear Admiral Karen Flaherty-Oxler  is well versed in the challenges veterans face when navigating the healthcare system. The first woman CEO of the Corporal Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center in Philadelphia, Flaherty-Oxler talks with us about seeing challenges as an opportunity for growth, the importance of caring for the healthcare team, and the benefits of bringing joy to work. Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.





Episode 4: Robin Cogan is a relentless school nurse. While training as an art therapist, Robin realized the power in caring for the whole person. For the past nineteen years she has maintained a dedicated practice as a school nurse. Responsible for overseeing the health of hundreds of children in Camden New Jersey, Robin passionately advocates for the health and safety of all of her students. As the author of The Relentless School Nurse blog, Robin shares her stories and insights, and provides a platform for a global community of school nurses. Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.




Lydel Wright Amplify NursingEpisode 5: Lydel Wright is first and foremost a nurse, but also an innovator, entrepreneur, and all around engaged citizen. As an inaugural recipient of the Johnson and Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellowship , Lydel is building on his experience as a leader in the sub-acute care space to help nurses work more efficiently, while also improving patient outcomes. Through his non-profit organization, Empact, Lydel finds joy in giving back, and supporting other nurses as they begin their journeys to create solutions to the problems they see in their communities. Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.





Cathy Crowe, Street NurseEpisode 6: Cathy Crowe has been a nurse and advocate for over thirty years working with Canada’s homeless population. She uses her influence to bring Canada’s most impoverished citizens to the forefront of national consciousness. In her new book , “A Knapsack Full of Dreams: Memoirs of A Street Nurse,” Cathy talks about her experiences and lessons learned along the way. Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts. 






Chinelo OfomaEpisode 7: On our next episode of Amplify Nursing we talk with Chinelo Ofoma . Chinelo is a pediatric nurse practitioner and advocate for nurses. Chinelo was born and raised in Nigeria, where she recalls that it was no one’s dream for their child to be a nurse. As Chinelo described, nursing was not considered a respected profession, and in turn, nursing was never a calling for her. But, it was ultimately Chinelo’s love of taking care of others, and the vast versatility a nursing degree provides, which lead her to the profession.

Today, using her platform Nurse on Purpose , she strives for the voices of nurses to be heard in the media, in publications, in healthcare and at large, challenging all of the stereotypes of nursing along the way.

Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts. 



Dr. Holly ShawEpisode 8: For almost 50 years, Dr. Holly Shaw has been a nurse, advocate and leader. Whether through her practice working with patients’ with bereavement, grief, and trauma in Cambodia, mentoring and educating students in New York, or her pioneering work at the United Nations, Dr. Shaw looks to pave the way for nurses to lead around the world, and by doing so she is not only helping to elevate the profession, but is a shining example of all that nurses can do on a global scale.

Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts. 





Dr. Bonnie Clipper Amplify NursingEpisode 9: Author and though leader Dr. Bonnie Clipper has a complete understanding of the profession of nursing. Over her more than 30 year career she has assumed many roles both clinically and in executive leadership.

Formerly as the Vice President of innovation at the American Nurses and Association, and currently as the Chief Clinical Officer at Wambi , she is leading the movement to educate and motivate nurses as leaders in the areas of innovation and technology. As a self proclaimed innovation evangelist she sees nurses as natural innovators and encourages us to lean in hard and take control of our own future.

Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.




Megan Mariotti Amplify NursingEpisode 10: Today on Amplify Nursing we speak with Megan Mariotti , as the Clinical Innovation Delivery Lead at Verily , Megan brings her nursing experience to healthcare innovation. A pediatric nurse practitioner by training, Megan has worked to improve quality and health outcomes throughout her career.

In this episode Megan talks about her thoughts on innovation, overcoming barriers and the opportunity for nurse to change the landscape of healthcare.

Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.





Image of Roxana ChicasEpisode 11: This week on AmplifyNursing we speak with Dr. Roxana Chicas . Currently a researcher at Emory University , Dr. Chicas focuses on the health of migrant farm workers.

In this episode, she speaks candidly about her experiences as an immigrant in nursing, the importance of mentorship, and the profound effect nurses can have on the health and well-being of vulnerable populations.

Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.





Sarah GrayEpisode 12: Today on Amplify Nursing we talk with Sarah Gray , founding nurse and clinician at Trusted Health , a company that reimagines how nurses work through unparalleled transparency, efficiency, and technology.

As a clinical nurse working at the bedside Sarah felt like she wanted a different perspective on how to innovate and creatively solve for the problems she was seeing in her practice. Unsure how to move her career in that direction she was ultimately drawn away from the bedside to the health tech scene in San Francisco.

Today she is helping to lead the change in the clinical and non-traditional nursing workforces, which she hopes will eventually allow for more sustainability and growth in the profession.

Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.

Photo of Ann Burgess with Amplify Nursing logoEpisode  13: On our season 1 final episode, we  with talk with Dr. Ann Burgess . For the past 50 years, Dr. Burgess has been tirelessly working for victims of violent crime. Her initial research, studying rape victims in 1960’s Boston, brought her to the attention of the FBI and lead to a decades long partnership profiling violent criminals and learning how to best help victims.

Whether in her role as a researcher and educator at Boston College or as the basis for the fictional TV character, Dr Wendy Carr on the Netflix series, Mindhunter , Dr. Burgess’ legacy of advocating for victims continues to grow.

Today, we talk about her experiences working with the FBI, the value of nursing research, and her upcoming book , Shattering Silence.

Listen here  or wherever you get your podcasts.