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  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2012
    Song, M., Ratcliffe, S.J., Tkacs, N.C., & Riegel, B. (2012). Self-care and health outcomes of diabetes mellitus. Clinical Nursing Research, 21(3), 309-326. (PMID: 21926278).10.1177/1054773811422604
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2011
    Lee, C.S., Moser, D.K., Lennie, T.A., Tkacs, N.C., Margulies, K.B., & Riegel, B. (2011). Biomarkers of myocardial stress and systemic inflammation in patients who engage in heart failure self-care management. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 26(4), 321-328.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2009
    Lee, C.S., Tkacs, N.C., & Riegel, B. (2009). The influence of heart failure self-care on health outcomes: Hypothetical cardioprotective mechanisms. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 24(3), 179-189.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2008
    Lee, C.S, & Tkacs, N.C. (2008). Current concepts of neurohormonal activation in heart failure. AACN, Advanced Critical Care, 19, 365-385.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2008
    Trout, K.K., Basel-Brown, L., Rickels, M.R., Schutta, M., Petrova, M., Freeman, E.W., Tkacs, N.C. & Teff, K.L. (2008). Insulin sensitivity, food intake and cravings with premenstrual syndrome: A Pilot Study. Journal of Women’s Health, 17, 657-665.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2007
    Dickson, V., Tkacs, N., Riegel, B. (2007). Cognitive influences on self-care decision making in persons with heart failure. American Heart Journal, 154, 424-431.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2007
    Tkacs, N.C., Pan, Y., Sawhney, G., Mann, G.L., Morrison, A.R. (2007). Hypoglycemia activates arousal-related neurons and increases wake time in adult rats. Physiology & Behavior, 91, 240-249.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2007
    Trout, K.K., Rickels, M.R., Schutta, M.H., Petrova, M., Freeman, E.W., Tkacs, N.C., Teff, K. (2007). Menstrual cycle effects on insulin sensitivity in women with type 1 diabetes: A pilot study. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, 9(2), 176-82.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2007
    Trout, K.K., Homko, C., Tkacs, N.C. (2007). Methods of measuring insulin sensitivity. Biological Research for Nursing, 8(4), 305-18.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2006
    Tkacs, N.C. and Thompson, H. (2006). From bedside to bench and back again - research issues in animal models of human disease. Biological Research for Nursing, 8, 78-88.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2005
    Tkacs, N.c., Pan, Y., Raghupathi, R., Dunn-Meynell, A.A., and Levin B.E. (2005). Cortical Fluoro-Jade staining and blunted adrenomedullary response to hypoglycemia after non-coma hypoglycemia in rats. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 25, 1645-1655.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2005
    Thompson, H.J., Hoover, R.C., Tkacs, N.C., Saatman, K.E., McIntosh, T.K. (2005). Development of posttraumatic hyperthermia following traumatic brain injury in rats is associated with increased periventricular inflammation. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 25, 163-176.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2004
    Tkacs, N.C. and Levin, B.E. (2004). Obesity-prone rats have pre-existing defects in their counterregulatory response to insulin-induced hypoglycemia. American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative, and Comparative Physiology, 287, R1110-R1115.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2003
    Thompson, H.J., Tkacs, N.C., Saatman, K.E., Raghupathi, R., & McIntosh, T.K. (2003). Hyperthermia following traumatic brain injury: A critical evaluation. Neurobiology of Disease, 12, 163-173.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2004
    Marin-Spiotta, A., Levin, B.E., & Tkacs, N.C. (2004). A single episode of central glucoprivation reduces the adrenomedullary response to subsequent hypoglycemia in rats. Neuroscience Letters, 360, 81-84.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 1992
    Ganong, W.F., Tkacs, N.C. and Gryler, E.C. (1992). Renin as a stress hormone. In Kvetnansky, McCarty, Axelrod (Eds.), Stress: Neurochemical and Molecular Approaches. (409-416). Gordon and Breach.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2002
    Tkacs, N.C. (2002). Hypoglycemia Unawareness. AJN: American Journal of Nursing, 102, 34-40.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 2000
    Tkacs, N.C., Dunn-Meynell, A.A. and Levin, B.E. (2000). Presumed apoptosis and reduced arcuate nucleus neuropeptide Y and pro-opiomelanocortin mRNA in non-coma hypoglycemia. Diabetes, 49, 820-826.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 1999
    Tkacs, N.C. and Li, J. (1999). Immune stimulation induces Fos expression in brainstem amygdale afferents. Brain Research Bulletin, 48, 223-231.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 1997
    Tkacs, N.C., Li, J., and Strack, A.M. (1997). Central amygdala Fos expression during hypotensive or febrile, nonhypotensive endotoxemia in conscious rats. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 379, 592-602.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 1997
    Li, J., Brezenoff, H.E. and Tkacs, N.C. (1997). Identification of pressor regions activated by central cholinergic stimulation in rat brain. European Journal of Pharmacology, 337, 227-233.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 1995
    Tkacs, N.C. and Strack, A.M. (1995). Systemic endotoxin induces Fos-like immunoreactivity in rat spinal sympathetic regions. Journal of the Autonomic Nervous System , 51, 42376.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 1991
    Kjos, T., Gotoh, E., Tkacs, N., Shackelford, R. and W.F. Ganong (1991). Neuroendocrine regulation of plasma angiotensinogen. Endocrinology, 129, 901-906.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 1991
    Tkacs, N.C. and Wurster, R.D. (1991). Strength-duration and activity-dependent excitability properties of frog afferent axons and their intraspinal projections. Journal of Neurophysiology, 65, 468-476.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 1990
    Tkacs, N.C., Kim, M., Denzon, M., Hargrave, B. and Ganong, W.F. (1990). Pharmacological evidence for involvement of the sympathetic nervous system in the increase in renin secretion produced by a low sodium diet in rats. Life Sciences, 2317-2322.
  • Tkacs, Nancy, 1990
    Tkacs, N.C. and Wurster, R.D. (1990). Potassium channel blockade differentially affects the relative refractory period of frog afferent terminals and axons. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology, 10, Cell. and Molec. Neurobiol..