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Faculty Publications

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  • Renz, Susan, 2016

    Renz, S., & Carrington, J. (2016). Nurse-Physician Communication in Long-Term Care: Literature Review. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 42(9): 30-37.

  • Renz, Susan, 2015
    Renz, S., Boltz, M., Wagner, L. & Capezuti, E. (2015). Implementing an SBAR communication protocol: A quality improvement project. Annals of Long Term Care: Clinical Care and Aging, 23(7), 27-31.
  • Renz, Susan, 2013
    Renz, S,. Boltz, M., Wagner, L., Capezuti, E., & Lawrence, T. (2013). Examining the feasibility and utility of an SBAR protocol in long-term care. Geriatric Nursing, 34(4), 295-301.