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  • Houldin, Arlene, in press
    Granda-Cameron, C., & Houldin, A.D. (in press). Concept analysis of good death in terminally ill patients. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care, .
  • Houldin, Arlene, 2011

    Granda-Cameron, C., Hanlon, A., Lynch, M.P., Houldin, A.D. (2011). Experience of newly diagnosed patients with sarcoma receiving chemotherapy. Oncology Nursing Forum, 38 (2), March.

  • Houldin, Arlene,

    Zhou, G., Stolzus, J., Houldin, A., Parks, S., Swan, B (2010).  Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice Behaviors of Clinical Oncology Advance Practice Nurses Regarding Advance Care Planning for Cancer Patients. Oncology Nursing Forum, 57 (6), November.

  • Houldin, Arlene, 2007

    Meghani, S. & Houldin, A. (2007).The Meanings and Attitudes about Cancer Pain among African Americans. Oncology Nursing Forum, 34 (6), 1179-1186.

  • Houldin, Arlene, 2006

    Houldin, A, Lewis, F. (2006). Salvaging their normal lives: A qualitative study of patients with recently diagnosed advanced colorectal cancer. Oncology Nursing Forum, 33 (4), 719-725.

  • Houldin, Arlene, 1999

    Kantor, D. E. & Houldin, A.D.  (1999). Breast cancer in older women: treatment, psychosocial effects, and outcomes. Gerontological Nursing, 25 (7), 19-25. 

  • Houldin, Arlene, 2001

    Medoff, E., Houldin, A.D., Anderson, S., Stricker, C.T., et al.  (2001). Communicating challenges in a young man with Hodgkin’s disease. Cancer Practice. 9 (6), 272-276

  • Houldin, Arlene, 2002

    Houldin, A.D., Hollis, G., Monturo,C. (2002). Innovative Graduate Oncology Nursing Program. Nursing Spectrum, Philadelphia and Tri-State Edition, August 26.

  • Houldin, Arlene, 2002

    Keane, A., Houldin, A.D., Allison, P., Jepson, C., Nuamah, I., Brennan, A.M., Lowery, B. & McCorkle, R. (2002). Factors associated with distress over time in urban residential fire survivors. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 34:1, 9-15.

  • Houldin, Arlene, 2002

    Houldin, A.D., Reville, B., Boland, B., Jacobs, L.A., Hayes, S. (2002). Graduate education in oncology nursing for minorities. Journal of Cancer Education, 17, (4), 201-204. 

  • Houldin, Arlene, 2004

    Houldin, A. D., Naylor, M. D., & Haller, D. (2004). Physician-nurse collaboration on research in the 21st century. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 22(5), 1-3.

  • Houldin, Arlene, 2006

    Houldin A. Curtiss CP. Haylock PJ. (2006). The state of the science on nursing approaches to managing late and long-term sequelae of cancer and cancer treatment. Cancer Nursing. 29(2 Suppl):6-11, Mar-Apr.