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  • Cotroneo, Margaret, 2001
    Cotroneo, M. Zimmer, M. (2001). Integrative Zukunftsstrategien-Familienorientierte Pflege-Eine Strategie zur Verbesserung der Pflegequalitat und zur Weiterentwicklung der Profession Pflege (Integrative strategies for the future-Family nursing. A strategy for advancing the profession of nursing). Die Schwester, 40, 809-813.
  • Cotroneo, Margaret, 1995
    Moriarty, H., Cotroneo, M., DeFeudis, R., Natale, S. (1995). Key Issues in Cross-cultural family research. Journal of Family Nursing, 1, 359-381.
  • Cotroneo, Margaret, 1992
    Cotroneo, M.M., Moriarty, H. and Smith, E. (1992). Managing family loyalty conflicts in child custody disputes. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 3, 19-38.
  • Cotroneo, Margaret, 1986
    Cotroneo, M.M. (1986). Families and Abuse. In M. Karpel (Eds.), Family Resources. (413-437). New York: Guilford Press.
  • Cotroneo, Margaret, 1979
    Cotroneo, M. (1979). At the intersection of family systems and legal systems: child custody decisions in context. Connecticut Bar Journal, 53, 349-55.
  • Cotroneo, Margaret, 1977
    Cotroneo, M.M. & Krasner, B. (1977). Abortion and problems in decision making. Journal of Marriage and Family Counseling, III, 69-76.
  • Cotroneo, Margaret, 1976
    Cotroneo, M.M. & Krasner, B. (1976). Addiction, alienation and parenting. Nursing Clinics of North America, II, 517-525.