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  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, in press

    Brooks Carthon, JM. (2011). Making ends meet: A historical account of community networks and health promotion among blacks in the city of brotherly love. American Journal of Public Health 101(8): 1392–1401..Download.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo , in press

    Sumpter, D. & Brooks Carthon, J.M. (in press). Lost in translation: Student perceptions of cultural competence in undergraduate and graduate curricula. Journal of Professional Nursing: Official Journal of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), .

  • Brooks Carthon, JM, 2020

    H Brom, JMB Carthon, U Ikeaba, J Chittams. 2020. Leveraging Electronic Health Records and Machine Learning to Tailor Nursing Care for Patients at High Risk for Readmissions. Journal of Nursing Care Quality 35 (1), 27-33

  • Brooks Carthon, JM., 2020

    Brooks Carthon, J.M., Brom, H., Poghosyan, L., (…), Todd, B., Aiken, L. (2020).. Supportive clinical practice environments associated with patient-centered care, Journal for Nurse Practitioners 16(4): 294–298.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2020

    4. Brooks Carthon, JM, Hatfield, L, Brom, H, Houton, M, Kelly-Hellyer, Erin, Schlak, A, Aiken, LH. (in press). System-level improvements in work environments lead to lower nurse burnout and higher patient satisfaction. Journal of Nursing Care Quality February 24, 2020 - Volume Publish Ahead of Print - Issue - Download

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2019

    Brooks Carthon JM, Hatfield L, Plover C, Dierkes A, Davis L, Hedgeland T, Sanders AM, Visco F, Holland S, Ballinghoff J, Del Guidice M, Aiken LH. (2019). The association of nurse engagement and nurse staffing on patient safety. Journal of Nursing Care Quality and Safety 34(1): 40-46. 

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2019

    Brooks Carthon, JM, Hedgeland, T, Brom, H, Hounshell, D, & Cacchione, P.Z (2019). You only have time for so much in 12 hours” unmet social needs of hospitalised patients: A qualitative study of acute care nurses. Journal of Clinical Nursing28(19-20), 3529-3537.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2019

    Harrison, JM, Aiken, LH, Sloane, DM, Brooks Carthon, JM, Merchant, RM, Berg, RA, & American Heart Association’s Get With the Guidelines–Resuscitation Investigators. (2019). In hospitals with more nurses who have baccalaureate degrees, better outcomes for patients after cardiac arrestHealth Affairs38(7), 1087-1094.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2018

    Ritter, AZ, Bowles, KH, O’Sullivan, AL, Brooks Carthon, M, Fairman, JA. (2018). A policy analysis of legally required supervision of nurse practitioners and other health professionalsNursing outlook66(6), 551-559.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2017

    Brooks Carthon, JM, Sammarco, T, Pancir, D, Chittams, J, Wiltse Nicely, K. (2017). Growth in retail-based clinics after nurse practitioner scope of practice reform. Nursing Outlook  65(2). 195-201.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2017

    Brooks Carthon, J.M., Reardan, J., Pancir, D., Gamble, K., Rothwell, H. (2017). “They’re on the fast track”: Older blacks describe experiences of nursing care quality during hospitalization. Clinical Nursing Research 26(5): 557–575

  • Brooks Carthon, J.M., 2017

    Pogosyhan, L., Brooks Carthon, JM. (2017). The untapped potential of the nurse practitioner workforce in reducing health disparities. Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice, 18 (2), 84-94.

  • Brooks Carthon, J.M., 2017

    Brooks Carthon, J.M., Gamble, K., Rothwell, R., Pancir, D. Holland, S. Ballinghoff, J. Aiken, L. (2017). Increasing research capacity in a safety net setting through an academic clinical partnership. Journal of Nursing Administration, 47 (6), 350-355.

  • Brooks Carthon, J.M., 2016

    Brooks Carthon, J.M., Wiltse-Nicely, K., Sarik, D.A., Fairman, J. (2016). Effective strategies for achieving scope of practice reform in Pennsylvania. Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice 17(2) 99-109.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2016

    Rearden, J., Hanlon, A., Ulrich, C., Brooks, C.M., Sommers, M. (2016). Examining differences in opportunity and eligibility for cancer clinical trial participation based on socio-demographic and disease characteristics. Oncology Nursing Forum 43 (1), 57-66. (also in 2015 Nursing Research 64 (2), E80-E81). 

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2016

    Brooks Carthon, J.M. (2016). The role of minority nurses in meeting the healthcare needs of diverse communities: Lessons from the Past-Instruction for the Future. In Nursing History for Contemporary Role Development, Ed. Lewenson, S., Smith, K., & McAllister, A. Springer Publishing Company. 

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo , 2015

    Brooks Carthon, JM, Barnes, H, Altares Sarik, D. (2015) Federal polices influence access to primary care and NP workforce.The Journal for Nurse Practitioners 11 (5): 526-530.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2015

    Brooks Carthon, JM, Lasater, KM, Sloane, DM. Kutney-Lee, A. (2015). The quality of hospital work environments and missed nursing care are linked to heart failure readmissions: A cross sectional study of U.S. hospitals BMJ Qual Saf, 24 (4), 255-263.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2015

    Brooks Carthon, JM, Nguyen, TH, Pancir, Chittams, J. (2015) Enrollment of underrepresented minorities in nursing majors: A cross sectional analysis of U.S. nursing schools. Nursing Education Today 35 (11), 1053-1134. doi: 10.1016/j.nedt.2015.06.007

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2014

    Brooks Carthon, J.M., Nguyen, T.H., Chittams, J., Guevara, J. (2014). Measuring success: results from a national survey of recruitment and retention in the U.S. nursing workforce. Nursing Outlook 62 (4), 259-267.doi: 10.1016/j.outlook.2014.04.006

  • Brooks Carthon, J.Margo, 2014

    Guevara, J, Adanga, E, Avakame, E, Brooks Carthon, JM (2014). Minority faculty development programs and underrepresented minority faculty representation at U.S. medical schools. JAMA, 310 (21), 2997-2304. doi: 10.1001/jama.2013.282116

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2014

    Carthon, M. (2014). Reflections on a legacy of mentorship. Nursing History Review, 22, 140-3

  • Brooks Carthon, J.Margo, 2013

    Brooks Carthon, JM, Jarrin, O, Sloane, DM, Kutney-Lee, A. (2013). Variations in postoperative complications across race, ethnicity and sex among older adults, Journal of the American Geriatric Society 61 (9), 1499-1507.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2013

    Brooks Carthon, J.M., & Abbott, K. (2013). Searching for Connectivity: Using social network analysis to unearth new discoveries in nursing history. In Routledge Handbook on the Global History of Nursing, Ed. Whelan, J. Fairman, J., D, Antonio, P. Routledge: New York, NY

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo , 2012

    McHugh, MD, Brooks Carthon, M, Wu, E, Kelly, L, Sloane, D, & Aiken, LH. (2012). Impact of nurse staffing mandate on safety net hospitals: Lessons from California. The Milbank Quarterly, 90(1), 160-186.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2012

    Brooks Carthon, M. (2012). Website review of Learning Historical Research. Nursing History Review , 20(1), 218-220.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo , 2012

    Brooks Carthon, M., Kutney Lee, A., Jarrin, O., Sloane, D., & Aiken, L. (2012). Nurse staffing and postsurgical outcomes in black adults. Journal of American Geriatrics Society, 60(6), 1078-1084 NIHMSID 364087.

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo , 2011

    Brooks Carthon, M. (2011). Making ends meet: A historical account of community networks and health promotions among Blacks in the city of brotherly love. American Journal of Public Health, 101, 1392-1401

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo , 2011

    Brooks Carthon, M., Kutney-Lee, A, Sloane, D., Cimiotti, J., & Aiken, L. H. (2011). Quality of care and patient satisfaction in hospitals with high concentrations of Black patients. Journal of Neurosurgery (JNS), 43(3), 301-310. NIHMSID: NIHMS331044..

  • Brooks Carthon, J. Margo, 2011

    Brooks Carthon, J.M. (2011). Life and death in Philadelphia’s Black Belt: A tale of an urban tuberculosis campaign, 1900-1930. Nursing History Review , 19(1), 29-52 Download