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  • Aryal, Subhash , 2020

    Swanta, N., Aryal, S., Nejtek, V., Shenoy, S., Ghorpade, A. and Borgmann, K. (2020). Blood-based inflammation biomarkers of neurocognitive impairment in people living with HIV. Journal of NeuroVirology, 26, 358-370.

  • Aryal, Subhash , 2018

    Deng, X., Finitzo, T., and Aryal, S. (2018). Measuring Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Quality across the Continuum of Care. eGEMs: The Journal of Electronic Health Data and Methods. 6(1):18.

  • Aryal, Subhash , 2014

    Aryal, S. and Bhaumik, D. and Mathew, T. and Gibbons, R. D. (2014). An Optimal Test for
    Variance Components of Multivariate Mixed-Effects Linear Models. Journal of Multivariate
    Analysis, 124, 166-178.

  • Aryal, Subhash , 2009

    Gibbons, R. D., Bhaumik, D. K. and Aryal, S. Statistical Methods for Groundwater Monitoring, 2nd ed, Wiley, New York, 2009.