Cohort and Academic Resources

Cohort and Student Engagement

Summer Intensives

The Post-Master’s DNP program hosts a one-day synchronous online intensive for first year DNP students at the end of August, at the beginning of year one. This is an important, required event that helps DNP students become familiar with University of Pennsylvania and School of Nursing education resources, develop specific insights for educational expectations of the DNP program, meet DNP faculty, and establish relationships and network amongst the cohort. In addition, students participate in workshops that address evidence translation, leadership, and scholarship, including scholarly writing. A second all-day synchronous online intensive for second year DNP students is scheduled at the end of August, prior to year two to prepare students for project development. During this synchronous intensive, students will meet with course faculty and participate in data analytics and project proposal planning activities to launch the second year Fall semester coursework.

Cohort Interaction

Each cohort takes courses together, which means students get to know each other through intellectual discussions, group projects, and study group activities. Each cohort has its own group chat and Canvas landing site as well. 

Academic Resources and Support

Online, Asynchronous Learning

Our world-class faculty teach all Post-Master’s DNP courses online in an asynchronous format. They provide flexible office hours to accommodate various time zones and schedules of full-time working professionals. We encourage you to continue working while in the program so your practice informs your learning and scholarship and provides an outlet for dissemination. Most students use their own work sites to host their DNP project.

Library Support and Resources

The DNP program is proud to have dedicated librarians committed to supporting the scholarship needs of DNP students. They are available for virtual consultations or via phone. Librarian, Dr. Sherry Morgan collaborates closely with faculty to help students working on their DNP projects and courses.

Penn Libraries is a premiere library with a wealth of resources available to Penn students. Electronic access to library resources, including an exceptional collection of databases and collections, as well as research guides with embedded tutorials to facilitate students’ learning success, are noteworthy highlights for DNP students.