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Penn Global Nursing Fellowship

Thanks to a $1 million endowment, Penn Nursing has expanded an exciting program to provide our skilled graduates and faculty with the opportunity to engage in meaningful projects that support the health-related work of global organizations committed to serving vulnerable populations.


Building on the success of Penn Nursing’s first Global Nursing Fellow, who worked on a community mental health project in India in 2018, the Global Nursing Fellows Program (GNFP) is designed to catalyze personal and professional growth and leadership and to advance competitively selected projects of organizations operating in a global context. 

Invitation to Apply/ Benefits to Host Organizations

Global organizations engaged in health-related work and committed to serving vulnerable populations are invited to submit a project proposal to host a Global Nursing Fellow. The host organization will benefit from the assistance of a Penn Nursing graduate with agreed-upon skills and commitment while developing relationships with global leaders in nursing and healthcare. The two-step application can be started by completing the Penn Global Nursing Fellows Host-Site Application:  First Step.  

After completing the first step, you will be directed to the Penn Global Nursing Fellows Host-Site Application:  Second Step which must be completed by the January 15 deadline.

For questions, please contact Penn Nursing’s Global Health Affairs office at

Successful Host Organization Characteristics

  • Commitment to improving life for vulnerable populations
  • Possession of a track record of effective mentoring and use of resources
  • Reputation for positive impact on the communities they serve
  • Ability to propose impactful projects with opportunities for meaningful collaboration by Fellows
  • Capacity to provide active supervision and logistical support


  • GNFP host organization two-step application submissions (step 1 application and step 2 application) accepted on a rolling basis up to January 15
  • Project finalists expected by February 15
  • Final project site and fellow selection expected by April 15
  • Fellow engages in the project for three to six months on agreed-upon dates between May 1 and April 30

Global Nursing Fellows Recruitment

The Penn Global Nursing Fellowship Program (PGNF) was designed in response to the desire of our graduates (alumni) to engage in meaningful global health work.  The PGNF program provides financial and Penn faculty mentoring support that allows Penn Global Nursing Fellows to make a significant contribution to a worthwhile global effort. The mechanics of the PGNF program involve matching of host-organization-specified needs with skills that our alumni Fellows, along with a Penn Nursing Faculty mentor, can provide.  

Fellowships available through the Penn Global Nursing Fellowship program have been made possible through the Beatrice Renfield Foundation and individual funders.  These fellowships provide fellows with an opportunity for extended global engagement of three months to a year, depending on the needs of the organization.

Recruitment Process Steps

  • Organizations interested in hosting a Penn Global Nursing Fellow (PGNF) complete a two-step application which includes a detailed project plan comprised of seven key components: 1) project description; 2) relevance to the organization’s work; 3) timeline; 4) logistical support (housing, meals, transportation); 5) collaborators; 6) fellow expertise needed; and 7) project location
  • Penn Nursing selects the strongest application(s)
  • The Global Health Affairs Office (GHA) works with Alumni Affairs to advertise the opportunity(ies) offered by the selected organization(s) 
  • GHA advertises among SON faculty the opportunity to mentor the Fellow(s)
  • Alumni applications for the Fellowship(s) and for the Mentoring role are reviewed and the best match(es) are presented to the host organization(s) who are encouraged to interview applicants of interest.
  • When a match is made, administrative details are addressed.

Administrative Details

  • Contracts / informal letter (email) agreements with the host organization and the Fellow
  • Specification, in writing, of the commitments each party is making, including:
    • Support offered by host organization
    • Stipends offered to Fellows and to Penn Nursing Mentor
  • Instructions on how to:
    • Arrange travel
    • Obtain required visas (business visa/tourist visa) using CIBT Penn Portal
    • Obtain reimbursement for expenses
    • Utilize Penn resources like My Trips and International SOS

Fellowship Period

When travel is possible, this period begins with a one-week trip by the Fellow(s) and Mentor so that the scope of the project and the on-the-ground situation can be assessed.

The Mentor returns to the SON and the Fellow(s) remains in country for the duration of the agreed upon period, contributing on a full-time basis to the agreed-upon activities.

At a minimum, the Fellow(s) and Mentor meet remotely for a discussion of progress, challenges, advice, and identification of needed resources for success.

It is recommended that Fellows maintain an activity log and/or reflections journal as a souvenir of the experience and reference for future talks and/or interviews.

Depending on the length of the commitment, the Fellow/Mentor may also communicate with Marketing and Communications for sharing of progress via Penn Nursing news / social media / website outlets.

End of Fellowship

Within one month of ending the Fellowship, Fellows should complete any paperwork required for reimbursement of approved expenses.

Feedback on the Fellowship experience is welcome at the end of and throughout the engagement period.

Fellows are invited to be a resource for future Fellows and to share their experiences with the Penn Nursing community via interviews, social media, website, etc.

If the host organization and the Fellow wish to continue to collaborate beyond the Penn Global Nursing Fellowship period, it is up to those two parties to discuss the terms of that continued collaboration; e.g. a paid consultancy. That continued collaboration will no longer receive direct support from Penn Nursing.   

For questions, please contact Penn Nursing’s Global Health Affairs office at