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Undergraduate Major in Nutrition

Nutrition science is the study of how food influences health and disease, and it is considered a cornerstone of wellness for people at all stages of their lives. 

Our program

Our second major in Nutrition Science is an interdisciplinary collaboration with Penn’s School of Arts & Sciences. You’ll study concepts like dietary behaviors and metabolism, as well as scientific approaches to the physiological roles of nutrients in the diet, from the cellular to human level. You’ll explore the role of nutrition in cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity conditions which together account for nearly seventy percent of global mortality.

We believe that the next generation of leaders and clinicians need a well-rounded background in nutrition science, as well as the social sciences and public health. We built this innovative program with these goals in mind.


The major consists of 14 credit units: four basic science courses (such as cellular biology, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry), four fundamental nutrition science courses, and four electives.

Penn undergrads are able to add this as a second major.

College of Arts and Sciences Students

For College of Arts and Sciences students, there is a different plan of study available for download. This file also includes the application, as well as additional information on when courses are offered.