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A basic nutrition course, such as NURS 112, NURS 065, or transfer credit, is a pre-requisite to this minor. Students are required to earn at least three credit units from the course list below.

Unless otherwise noted, courses are 1CU each.

NURS3120 / 5120
Nutritional Aspects of Disease

This course provides an advanced understanding of the role of nutrition in integrated biological systems. Students will develop a rigorous comprehension of major clinical disorders, including the underlying pathophysiology and conditions that are affected by nutrition and how optimization of nutritional variables may modulate these processes. A critical overview of the role of nutrition in disease prevention, management and treatment, and in health maintenance will be emphasized throughout the course.

Obesity and Society

This course will examine obesity from scientific, cultural, psychological, and economic perspectives. The complex matrix of factors that contribute to obesity and established treatment options will be explored.

International Nutrition: Political Economy of World Hunger

A detailed consideration of the nature, consequences, and causes of hunger and undernutrition internationally. Approaches are explored to bringing about change, and to formulating and implementing policies and programs at international, national, and local levels, designed to alleviate hunger and under-nutrition.

Current Topics in Nutrition (0.5CU)

The objective of the course is to integrate the nutrition knowledge obtained from previous course work in nutrition and provide the student the opportunity to explore, analyze and formulate implications of the research and related literature on a self-selected topic under the guidance of the faculty coordinator. Current topics and controversies in nutrition will be discussed weekly. Readings will be assigned in coordination with each discussion topic and students will be required to seek out other sources of information to add to the class discussion. Topics will change from year to year to reflect the most recent interests and issues.

Advanced Nutrition: Molecular Basis of Nutrition

Essentials of nutritional biochemistry of macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate, lipid) metabolism from the molecular level to the level of the whole human organism. Linkages between energy and nitrogen balance and states of health and disease are examined.  Topics include energy metabolic pathways, nutrient partitioning, nutrient transportation, nutrient catabolism, nutrient anabolism, body composition, and biomarkers.

Advanced Human Nutrition and Micronutrient Metabolism

Essentials of vitamin and mineral digestion, absorption, metabolism, and function in humans during states of health and disease are examined. Linkages between key vitamins and their function in biological systems, such as bone health, energy metabolism, hematopoetic function, and immune function, are explored in depth. Topics include pertinent research methodologies, biomarkers, deficiency and toxicity states, and requirements across the life cycle.

NURS6230 - ONLINE (Asynchronous)
Nutrition Counseling


NURS6760 - ONLINE (Asynchronous)
Obesity and Health

This 14-week online course introduces the learner to the etiology, prevalence, and pathophysiology of obesity in children and adults. This series of asynchronous sessions focuses on the biological, genetic and environmental causes of obesity and highlights the impact of obesity on chronic disease.