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Graduate Nutrition Minor

Nutrition is an integral part of human existence and vital to maintenance of health and prevention of disease. Nutrition science is alive with ever deeper underpinnings of linkages between nutrients and health together with their mechanisms of action. Knowledge about this exciting field can enrich your understanding of how your body works.

Our Program

Our Graduate Nutrition Minor is designed for University of Pennsylvania graduate students who desire more advanced training in nutrition taught by top researchers, clinicians, and educators. For the past 25 years, Penn Nursing has provided outstanding nutrition training at the undergraduate level. This graduate certificate expands opportunities for nutrition training to the graduate level for individuals who are enrolled in a SON graduate course.

Our faculty have deep backgrounds in nutrition science and dietetics. Their research includes human and basic science studies in obesity, oncology, gastrointestinal disease, and community nutrition.


A basic nutrition course, such as NURS 112, NURS 065, or transfer credit, is a pre-requisite to this minor. Students are required to earn at least three credit units from the minor curriculum.