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Nursing & Health Services Management Minor

To provide the highest level of care, it’s important to understand the nature of the economic and managerial constraints faced by healthcare organizations. And no where but Penn do you have the opportunity to learn how to do that from the best business and nursing faculty in the world.  

Our program

We’ve teamed up with Penn’s renowned Wharton School to offer a minor in Nursing and Health Services Management, a program designed to build the skills you need to give patients the care they deserve within the challenges of our modern healthcare system.

In some ways, the business environment in which health care institutions function has more of an impact on patient outcomes than the care providers themselves. We’ll help you understand both the nature of the constraints that face health care organizations and how these constraints can be effectively managed to provide the best possible healthcare for patients.


For this minor, you’ll be required to take a total of eight interdisciplinary courses. You’ll start with Microeconomics and then complete an additional two courses at Wharton, two courses at the School of Nursing, and three electives. Please note that Wharton students pursuing a concentration in Health Care Management may not also declare this minor.