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Plan of Study

Year 1:


Leadership Development in Healthcare

This course will provide the conceptual and theoretical framework for examining the concept of leadership within the contexts of health systems, health professionals and health policy. It will focus on characteristics of personal and professional leadership, change theory, and the application of critical thinking to the analysis of work environments, systems and the politics of health.


Applied Healthcare Accounting and Business Planning

This course focuses on the management of financial resources in the healthcare industry particularly in inpatient and ambulatory care settings. Specific emphasis is on applied accounting, budgeting, capital planning, nursing staffing/scheduling and variance analysis. Additionally, students will apply concepts in developing a business/program plan including completion of an environmental scan, cost-benefit analysis and marketing plan. Students will engage in strategic planning, stakeholder analysis and benchmarking efforts.


Human Resources Management in Healthcare

Today’s healthcare industry continues to be highly turbulent in nature presenting many challenges for leaders in the workplace. Competency in workforce planning and recruitment, selection and retention of top talent for organizational innovation and growth are essential for nursing leaders. Utilizing the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) Competencies (2006) as a curricular guide, this course emphasizes human resources management skills essential for any nurse leader to address employee relations challenges and provide for an enriching work environment.