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About the Program

The NHCM program is a five-year program, during which time students complete two degrees at Penn: a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a concentration in Health Care Management and Policy.  Penn’s all-grant financial aid program applies to eligible students for the standard academic career of eight semesters.  For the fifth year, financial aid resources are available, but will include student loans.  Students should consult with Student Financial Services for more information on financing their Penn education.

NHCM students are dually enrolled in both the School of Nursing and the Wharton School and take courses ranging from finance and management to anatomy and physiology.  Students also take several liberal arts courses through the College of Arts and Sciences.

Who Can Apply?

High school seniors can apply to the NHCM program as part of Penn’s undergraduate admissions process.

Freshmen in the School of Nursing or the Wharton School can apply for admission to the program at the end of their first year at Penn.  Nursing students must complete ECON 001, ECON 002, and MATH 104 in order to apply for the program.  Wharton students must complete the required nursing chemistry and cell biology requirements.  Interested students should contact Janae Lamoureux in the School of Nursing to learn more about the application process and eligibility requirements.

Study Abroad

Students in the NHCM program can pursue a wide range of study abroad opportunities, including semester abroad programs and other international opportunities through Nursing or Wharton.  Students should meet with their advisor early to discuss their goals and to develop a plan of study that accommodates their study abroad interests. 

Minors and Second Concentrations

With advanced planning, students have been able to complete a minor or second concentration in addition to the required course work for the NHCM program.  Students should meet with their advisor early to discuss their interests and to develop a plan of study that accommodates these options.

Professional Opportunities

There are many ways for students to explore professional opportunities in both nursing and business, including mentorship from faculty advisors, career exploration workshops and opportunities offered through Career Services, and events that bring NHCM alumni back to campus to talk about their careers and network with current students.