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Nursing and Healthcare Management Dual Degree Program

Nurses with excellent clinical and administrative skills are in higher demand than ever. Our Nursing and Health Care Management Program (NHCM), gives you the chance to combine two of Penn’s greatest assets: Penn Nursing and The Wharton School.

Our program

In the NHCM program, you’ll study simultaneously in both schools and graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science in Economics. Your work will include science and clinical courses, along with general education courses in the Arts and Sciences. We designed the curriculum to boost expertise in patient care and deepen your knowledge of how to manage the way that care is delivered.

We use a multidisciplinary approach that integrates nursing, business, and liberal arts. Students enrolled in the program have advisors at both Nursing and Wharton, and complete this integrated academic and clinical program in five years.

After graduation

Graduates of this program are poised to become leaders in healthcare and business environments, and are prepared for clinical practice and patient care management in hospitals, community settings, and group practice sites. They are also well-suited to positions as business and policy analysts as well as managers in such fields as pharmaceuticals, consulting, insurance, health care systems, nonprofits, and government organizations.