Nursing Story Slam

The Nursing Story Slam brings together nurse storytellers from Penn Nursing and Penn Medicine to share their true, personal stories that explore the breadth, depth, and diversity of nursing. 

Check Out the 2024 Nursing Story Slam

Featuring special opening storytelling performance by really funny person Kelli Dunham. Stand-up comic. RN. Author. Storyteller. Ex-Nun. 

The 2024 event theme was Perseverance

The Oxford dictionary defines perseverance as “doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” Perseverance therefore is a state of being for innovators and entrepreneurs. Failure may happen along the way, and that’s ok. It’s about persisting on the journey, learning and adapting. Achieving success means something different for everyone, share with us what it means to you on your journey. If these last few years have taught us nothing else, its that nurses are more persistent than ever and we want to hear your stories of how you have moved forward, in spite of, or because of, difficulty.


The inaugural event was held in February 2019. Now in its fifth year, the Nursing Story Slam is supported through the generosity of Sandy Samberg, Nu’94, GNu’95, and her husband, Joe Samberg. The event is a partnership between Penn Nursing, Penn Medicine, and First Person Arts.

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Learn why it is important for nurses to use the power of storytelling.