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The transition of birth is often fraught for even the most robust babies. For those who have a difficult time in their early life, modern medicine provides intensive and rapidly-evolving care for our smallest patients and their families alike.

Our program

We prepare you to care for newborn infants who arrive with a variety of medical needs, such as prematurity, birth defects, substance abuse problems, infections, and a variety of chronic conditions. While technically the neonatal period describes the first month after birth, often times these babies will be sick for much longer, requiring lengthy stretches of care to address the challenges laid upon them at delivery. You’ll learn to care for infants until discharge and beyond, working with family and support groups to ensure the best quality of life for the tiny ones in their care.

We also collaborate with faculty and students in other pediatric graduate programs, increasing the breadth of your exposure to the field and providing you experiences available no where else.


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