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TCM in Practice

The TCM can be easily integrated into a health care system with the support of interdisciplinary leadership and proper planning. Site champions from all disciplines are needed to take part in energizing their constituencies during implementation of the TCM program and to foster necessary adaptions to current workflows by all potential departments involved with the program. Adaptation does not mean an overhaul to current workflows. Adaptation does mean creating a shared understanding about the program that is supported by effective communications about how the new program will function within the organization.

Simulating TCM

The Stevens Institute of Technology and Penn Nursing were recently funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to use policy flight simulators (pioneered by Stevens) to simulate use of the TCM. The objective of this project is to determine whether the application of flight-simulator technology to simulate the impact of a policy change can provide stakeholders with useful information to facilitate their decision to implement TCM.

Through this collaborative project, Stevens and Penn Nursing will use floor-to-ceiling surround screens to interactively estimate health benefits and delivery costs, and create an evidence-based model to aid decision-making. Members of the Stevens Institute of Technology team will develop the interactive computational model to simulate implementation of TCM. Ultimately, this multidisciplinary team will help the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation explore the potential for policy simulators to influence decisions to adopt or adapt evidence-based programs, such as TCM, effectively accelerating the scaling process of evidence-based interventions. Products from this work will include an open-source online computational model of TCM processes, with instructions for customization, and a robust case study documenting the development and implementation of the TCM simulation; lessons learned; and stakeholder/decision maker reaction to the project. 

(L-R: Karen Hirschman, Annie Yu, Kara Pepe, Michael Pennock, Mary Naylor, William Rouse)






Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ.