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Project Team

MIRROR-TCM is a multi-site initiative replicating the Transitional Care Model (TCM) in three health systems

The Penn Coordinating Center, led by Mary Naylor, is collaborating with three health system partners to replicate the TCM as demonstrated in prior NIH funded clinical trials. The group is also examining challenges to implementation in the context of COVID-19 and assisting partners to implement the TCM with fidelity. Importantly, partners collaborated on the design of a governance model to guide implementation of this project across health systems as well as unique models to oversee implementation of the TCM within each organization. The health systems’ (Veterans Health Administration, Trinity Health-Michigan, University of California San Francisco [UCSF] Health) teams are provided below. 

UCSF Health

  • Gina Intinarelli (Site PI)
  • Hannah Jang (Site Co-PI)
  • Eileen Brinker
  • Michael Helle
  • Angel Li
  • Karla Sarantopulo
  • Meg Wheeler
  • Ann-Elise Zarkower

Trinity Health

  • Ann Wilkie (Site PI)
  • Ali Abunayla
  • Audrey Bayea
  • Stacey Doettle
  • Traci Hamilton
  • Heidi Steinhebel
  • Margaret Wood

Veterans Health Administration

  • VA St. Louis Health Care System
    • Rachael Beard (Site PI)
    • Patricia Allen
    • Cynthia Dortch
    • Patricia E. Hendrickson
    • Emilee Laster
    • Kelly Rudroff


  • Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center
    • Elizabeth Fine Smilovich (Site PI)
    • Selena Finch
    • Stephanie Godin
    • Robin Hughes
    • Nancy Issacson
    • Asyad Shihadeh
    • Lisa Tucker