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Caregiving NOW!

The Caregiving NOW Initiative builds on the work of the NewCourtland Center members in partnership with leaders and staff at NewCourtland to create a roadmap that will offer short- and longer-term solutions to enhance the well-being of all caregivers in the U.S.

Why now?

The human and economic consequences of caregiving negatively affect virtually every sector of society. One in five Americans provide support to spouses, aging parents, and children with serious health problems or disabilities. Six in ten unpaid caregivers work full-time. Additionally, a high proportion of paid caregivers also support family members or friends who have serious health needs. The current shortage of direct care providers is disrupting care in both people’s homes and in nursing homes and increasing the caregiving responsibilities of unpaid caregivers. For the foreseeable future, the demand for caregiving will grow as more complex healthcare services are delivered in people’s home and the availability of paid and unpaid caregivers decreases. Addressing Caregiving NOW is a societal imperative.

What do we want to accomplish?

Over the next two years, the Caregiving NOW Initiative will:

  • Engage a diverse group of thought leaders in exploring solutions to the nation’s growing caregiving crisis.
  • Conduct a research review to identify priority opportunities to improve support for unpaid and paid caregivers.
  • Implement and evaluate the effects of selected innovative solutions on caregivers’ experiences and outcomes.
  • Execute a communication strategy aimed at widely disseminating immediate and longer-term opportunities to enhance programs, services, and policies aimed at improving the lives of caregivers.

What is our plan?

Caregiving NOW is designed to address the immediate and growing need for action to improve caregiving in the U.S. An essential component to our plan is the meaningful engagement and partnership with caregivers, scholars, community leaders, employers, policy makers and others. Concurrently, we will explore potential solutions with innovators across sectors and conduct a review of research on caregiving innovations. Next, we will invite teams to co-design and test potential solutions. And finally, we will synthesize all that is learned to create a roadmap for use by diverse stakeholders and designed to improve the lives of all caregivers.


MAY 17, 2023 [REGISTER]

From the Margins to the Middle: Centering Caregivers in Policy and Research

In this webinar, we’ll hear about creative strategies to support caregivers and to make caregivers more central in policy and practice. We’ll find out about:

  • the lifelong caregiving journey of our former First Lady
  • a new typology of caregiving that doesn’t rely on the diagnosis of the patient or loved one
  • innovative work with employers to support caregivers in the workforce
  • advocacy efforts that involve former caregivers

Jennifer Olsen, CEO, Rosalyn Carter Institute for Caregivers

Mary Naylor (moderator), Director of the NewCourtland Center and the Marian S. Ware Chair in Gerontology, Penn Nursing

Join the Conversation!

  • All sessions are open to the public, and recorded (available on YouTube at a later date).
  • Submit your comments/questions: Once registered, you will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance of the webinar, and during the live session.