Caregiving NOW

Caregiving NOW is a two-year initiative designed to identify ways to improve the lives of family caregivers nationally and to test promising interventions locally.

It builds on the work of the NewCourtland Center and leaders and staff at NewCourtland to identify short- and longer-term opportunities to enhance the well-being of all caregivers in the U.S.

Why now?

The human and economic consequences of caregiving affect virtually every sector of society. One in five Americans provides support to spouses, aging parents, and children with serious health problems or disabilities. Six in ten unpaid caregivers work full-time. The current shortage of direct care providers is disrupting care in both people’s homes and in nursing homes and increasing the caregiving responsibilities of unpaid caregivers. For the foreseeable future, the demand for caregiving will grow as more complex health care services are delivered in people’s homes and the availability of paid caregivers decreases. Addressing Caregiving NOW is a societal imperative.

The Caregiving NOW Initiative is made possible with the generous support of NewCourtland.


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