About the NewCourtland Center

Transitions in health and health care among chronically ill people continue to emerge as priorities of tremendous societal importance, especially among the growing population of older adults living longer with multiple chronic conditions.

In 2007, NewCourtland made an extraordinary investment in establishing the NewCourtland Center for Transitions and Health. The NewCourtland Center has built on that investment to further establish itself as a global leader in the science related to health transitions and, importantly, as a pioneer in translating that science to strengthen clinical practice and healthcare policy. Today, the NewCourtland Center is uniquely positioned to achieve new breakthroughs in health transitions science and enhance the rapid translation of that science into evidence-based care by capitalizing on our strong foundation and strategic direction.

Our History

Beginning with an interest group of interdisciplinary scholars at Penn led by Dr. Mary Naylor, our Center became the first research center in the US focused on health transitions in 2006. One year later (2007), the Center was endowed with a generous $5 million gift from NewCourtland Elder Services (NewCourtland, Inc.). To the best of our knowledge, the NewCourtland Center remains the only research center in the U.S. focusing on health transitions experienced by chronically ill adults as well as the only research environment emphasizing the central role of nurses throughout such transitions.

Our Mission

The mission of our Center is to influence, via rigorous evidence, practices and policies designed to enhance transitions in health and healthcare, improve health and quality of life outcomes and promote wiser use of resources for the growing population of chronically ill adults in the U.S. and globally. Specifically, the NewCourtland Center generates, disseminates and translates multidisciplinary research related to nursing’s influence on major health transitions for this vulnerable population and their family caregivers. Simultaneously, the Center prepares the next generation of scholars from nursing and other disciplines to pursue this significant agenda by providing leadership in advancing knowledge essential to solve society’s most complex health and social issues.

Portrait of Mary D. Naylor “Nurses will play a pivotal role in addressing the health care needs of people throughout the 21st century. The cutting edge science, led by nurses and designed to advance knowledge related to promoting healthy lifestyles and caring for the chronically ill, will position nurses and other health team members to make a major difference in the lives of these people.”

Mary D Naylor, PhD, FAAN, RN
Director, NewCourtland Center for Transitions and Health