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Redefining the future of health transitions

Meeting the complex health care needs of individuals living with chronic illnesses such as heart failure, diabetes and depression in a person-centered, safe, and efficient manner will be a, if not the, dominant healthcare challenge in the next few decades. Our research agenda focuses on the growing population of chronically ill adults with a specialization on frail, elderly adults and their family caregivers. Members’ implementation of various research methods is now creating a body of knowledge that will directly benefit this vulnerable population.

T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship positions are available now

  • Immersive research experiences with leading expert mentors
  • Research skills development
  • Supportive interprofessional scholarly environment
  • Career development

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Surya Kolluri

What’s the Plan for Financial Caregiving?

For Surya Kolluri, the best way to address the financial aspects of caregiving is not during proverbial “hair on fire moments,” times of crisis that are emotional, stressful, and painful. Dr. Mary Naylor and Kolluri discuss the growing need to plan for the financial burdens of caregiving that many families will face.

Join the Caregiving NOW! Initiative

Join us for a closer look at the caregiving crisis in the U.S. and the innovative solutions reshaping the caregiving landscape, the 2023 webinars feature innovators and thought leaders from multiple sectors engaged in the caregiving space. Learn more about the Caregiving NOW! Initiative and register to join these important conversations today!
Rabbi Richard F. Address and Reverend Tyrone Pitts

The Sacred Art of Caregiving

In a wide-ranging webinar, Rabbi Richard Address and Reverend Tyrone Pitts seamlessly integrated the theological and the practical as they delved deep into the spiritual aspects of caregiving.